Everytime I register for classes I want to bash someones brain in with a claw hammer.

I can’t handle this shit, I tell you. ‘A pile of pants’ doesn’t even begin to describe the brevity of crap I have to deal with in order to stay in this achidemic pergatory another few years. I’ll describe the event that makes everyone who was ever a college student shudder at the mere word, ‘registration’.
Start out with the exponential expanse that seems to crop up everytime you talk to a spirit crushing, lost soul, of a counselor who tells you “blah blah blah you need to talk to someone else” and that someone else is always across the college, and you find out how large the college is. But don’t worry, the funs not over, because when you get to the other ‘somoneone’ they like to say, “mmma muwwwa mwwahh someone else” and off you go again. You will loose 20 pounds or die of exasution before this is all over, trust me. But the real pain comes in when you listen to the inaudible mumbling and find out what they are really saying is, “yeah, I know you took those classes a while ago, but under the new system they don’t count for anything, bummer”. And the exodus continues. You know the saying, two steps forward one step back. I swear this feels like two steps forward and two steps back. That’s it, the achidemic waltz that keeps people in limbo for the third decade of their life.

One of the classes you’re registering for is English, isn’t it?


those words… I do not think they mean what you think they mean

Hmmm, wait until you graduate and get a real job. The people you’re required to talk to won’t merely be across campus, but across the nation and world. Unless, of course, your communication skills don’t improve; then the people you have to talk to will be just across the counter at Mikkey Dee’s.

Grow up.

Dopeler effect:
The tendency of stupid ideas to seem smarter when they come at you rapidly.


Did you choose Occam as an alternate spelling to the original Celtic form of writing commonly spelled “OGHAM”? Just wondering.


Gasoline: As an accompaniement to cereal it made a refreshing change. Glen Baxter

My first years in high school, we registered in this bizarre way:
Tables are set up in the cafeteria. Each table has a different subject. The students are let in and run around trying to collect the cards that say what class, which teacher, what period. Usually, you had to take gym 3 times in one semester because your first choices are sold out. I suspect there was some scalping going on. Lots of trading in the hallway before your final schedule is locked in.
Junior year, we finally got computers to register with.

John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt. That’s my name too.
Wait, no it isn’t.

I feel you, man. I registered 2 weeks ago and I literally went back and forth across campus about 8 times. Took me three hours, and then I found out I can register in the Communications department office as well as the registrar’s. So then I go back there again and then I look at my brand-spanking-new, perfect schedule, with everything I wanted, and two different sets of two classes overlap. AAARRRRGGGHHH!!! But now I’m all done, thank God. I sympathize.

Interestingly enough, I chose my new sig line before I even found this topic. I’ve always said I’m psychic.

Shit!! Didn’t include the sig!! My bad.

The razor belonged to a man named Occam, and he was not a scar collector. - William S. Burroughs


The power of understatement! With that one line you have encapsulated the whole of SDMB. One can only admire…

With your permission, I would love to use it as a sig. May I, if you don’t want it for that yourself?

“those words… I do not think they mean what you think they mean” (Valerieblaise)

The power of understatement! With that one line you have encapsulated the whole of SDMB.

Well, with a bit of editing…

Durnovarianus said,

Yes, you may, although I was only paraphrasing a line from “the Princess Bride.”

Hey unca…drop dead!!!

In my final writing class, one of the other students wrote a proof paper that proved that all of the people in the Registration Office were from other planets.

Irrefutable to this day.

Hang in there, Occam. It’s when college ends that the real stress starts. Enjoy it while you can.

Do you go to school in the Land Without Computers? I register on the phone or the web. It takes five minutes. I do it at home. It’s easy. I have no complaints. It even has a funny name: TeleSlug.


“You couldn’t fool your mother on the foolingest day of your life if you had an electrified fooling machine.”

how did that word go again? oh yes. inconcievable…eh something like that :slight_smile:
so that equals registration?

bj0rn - it would take a miracle

Hey Phaedy, evolve!!!

Ok, old fogey "you young whipper snappers have it so easy!) alert:

When I registered for college, we had to go to the coliseum (appointed times by last name initial). There were tables set up for each class. You had to go to the table and get a computer punch card. If the punch cards were gone, you had to rearrange your schedule. Then you had to go across campus and wait in line for several hours to pay your fees. It usually took at least 2 days to get registered. This didn’t include the mandatory appointments with your advisor the semester before where you chose classes that invariably were filled up before you got to get that all important punch card!

Hang in there–you’ll survive!

Kyla, is that you?? At UC Santa Cruz? Are you back from Israel? (Sorry if you’ve answered these and other questions in some other forum.)



Wow, you really are old.


Never seen it, but thanks