Argh leafblowers die die DIE!!

It is 6.50 am here in my little whitebread neighborhood. At the business office down the street, landscapers have been using their leafblowers for nearly half an hour now. What sort of idiot schedules leafblowing at 6.30am next to a bunch of houses?? It woke up my kids, it’s driving me mad, and it’s making me all stabby.

I’m about to go out for my morning walk, so I went over and complained when I got dressed. Of course, there are no managers there at 6.40 in the morning, so I talked with a truck driver who promised to give the message. I will be calling them later. I’m sure it’s very convenient for them to have the landscaping all done by the time they get to work, but it’s not that fun for me.

Noise can be measured. It’s almost certain that your community has a local noise ordinance that limits the amount of noise that can be produced at certain times. Check with the police. If the amount of noise outside your home exceeds a certain level as measured by a decibel meter, they can probably do something about it.

Oh yeah, I called the police station and asked about it, and sure enough it’s illegal. At a more decent hour I walked over there and had a little conversation with the receptionist, who was very sympathetic and will pass the message on (since everyone important is in Oregon this week). I think it will be taken care of now, and if not–well, I can call the police next week and get the landscapers cited if I have to.