argh, my lit mag supervisor is a moron

This lady was appointed by the school to supervise our literary magazine, and so far she has cost us money and time and frustrtated us more than helping us and letting us do things on our own like we did for the past two years when we started it on our own. And it doesn’t help that she has absolutely no common sense. [For the rest of this post, she will be referred to as Lit Mag Nazi.]

Our biggest fundraiser is selling orders of roses for Valentine’s Day. We normally start it at the end of January so people have plenty of time to order and find out that there are roses being sold. Lit Mag Nazi thinks that it’s a horrible idea to start it until just before Valentine’s Day, but doesn’t seem to realize that we need time to order the roses. Then she throws a fit because our forms aren’t on pink paper and we don’t have baloons to decorate the table we’re selling at with. WTF? Nobody cares if there’s baloons or pink paper. We’re not selling balloons, and no one keeps the forms that come with the roses anyway. We end up selling the roses for 3 days because of all this bullshit, while the middle school segment of our school has been selling roses through NJHS for the past three weeks and sold 5 times the amount of roses that we did. We order the roses after making sure of how many we need, adding an extra dozen or so just in case there’s a shortage of roses. Lit Mag Nazi has the roses ordered with the middle schoolers, and then sells more orders for roses after the fact. The morning of V-day, the middle schoolers have the entire morning to sort and prepare to deliver roses, which means that people come and pick them up from their station, while our club is only allowed one class period to prepare for delivering to people’s classes. We have less than we need for roses, because the middle schoolers take more than what they ordered and left us the crappiest roses. This isn’t good. Lit Mag Nazi gets angry and upset and starts flitting about, blaming us left and right about stuff and making a big deal out of something we are dealing with quite well. And then the most important order IMO got left out: she forgot to save 19 red roses for the cast of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, which were ordered to be delivered on Wednesday and to be specially delivered, etc. She blames us for it, and then says that we should go out and buy it out of our own pockets. [Hello? The people in this organization have half a dozen other things to do, and little to no money to pay for the order she fucked up.] So she agrees to buy the roses, and says that it’ll have to be taken out of the profits we made. She buys $40 dollars worth of roses for 20 people tops, which just happen to look like they’ve been lying around for a week. Good job, lady. These were supposed to be there yesterday, and in good condition. Of course packing them is too big of a job, so I had to miss another class to pack them and then when I deliver them, the director is furious that they weren’t there yesterday and I just backed off for fear of losing my head and being blacklisted by the drama dept. partly because I’m in thespians and it’s really bad to be in that situation. After all the play stuff is over, I may go explain what happened with the roses and try to kiss her ass a bit so she doesn’t bite my head off every time she sees me. I already signed up for tech on the next production, and I don’t want to get constant bitching for Lit Mag Nazi’s idiocy.
She also has a way of trying to make everything that we do exactly how she wants it, and not let us use our own ideas. This is ridiculous because we’re fighting for everything we want and to have autonomy about a magazine that we started on our own and have run on our own for the past two years. Thank god I already talked to administration about a different person to supervise the lit mag for next year. We can’t get rid of her because she’s under contract for it for this year. Am I justified to be royally pissed off at her?

Stressed out and wanting to cut her head off…

Great post. I bet it’d look good as an article published in the next issue of your literary mag! :slight_smile:


[I know you’re female, because you have a clitoris and it speaks. I’m a darn good detective, aren’t I? :)]

Remember, usually those who are selected to be supervisors or managers are not selected for their common sense, their wisdom, or their comprehension of that which they’ll be supervising. I won’t offer a blanket statement and say all “leaders” are doltish piles of goo waiting to slime you like a used hankie, but it’s possible some are. Like yours. :wink:

The quintessential dippy manager will make all the wrong decisions and blame others for the results. He or she won’t bother with such nuances as making informed decisions and will stave off all attempts at logic at the expense of hos or her overwhelming ego. So yes, I think you’re justified!

Thanks, dantheman. I just wish we had the kind of supervisor we were used to: the kind that left us alone to do our own thing instead of trying to make it their own pet project and going against everything we try to do.
Thudlow Boink, with all the censorship that my school wants to do, I think that’d get cut really quickly, especially if it got anywhere in view of the supervisor. It is a thought though to add little subliminal things in there dissing her.

What a friggin’ douche bag. There’s nothing that can stunt the creativity of a student faster than the meddling of a know-it-all adult.

A lot of us Dopers get to work with these types daily. They take all the credit and none of the blame.

I’m pissed for ya, ssskuggiii.