Ari Fleischer--Genius

Amazing timing, huh? Rides the wave and then gets out before the crash.

He definitely was the Flack from Hell.

And to think that just a week ago, Fleischer said he was looking forward to 2006… :slight_smile:

Just what are we supposed to debate here?


Why do they call it ‘Broasted’, when it is really ‘Deep Fried’?

Next topic: Why do they call them Mexi-Fries when they’re really Tater Tots?

Dunno (we used to call 'em all pomme fritte in our house), but I did find this:


4½ oz. dried beef
2 cups milk
2 tbs. butter
¼ cup flour
Salt and pepper
6 slices bread
Melt butter in pan, add dried beef. Cook 2-3 minutes to brown. Add milk (reserve ¼ cup for later), salt & pepper. Bring to boil. Mix flour and remaining milk together. Slowly add to boiling mixture until it begins to thicken. Serve over toast.

What? You’ve never had SOS?

If you think you’re gonna like that recipe, try making it with ground beef. For that quantity of ingredients, I guess about half a pound of beef should do it[fry it well, and drain all excess fat] Used to get this in the service, especially at midnight chow. Best stuff in the world, I’d bet many will like it better than the dried beef. As an bonus, it looks more like its namesake.

No bones about Deep Fried Turkey. If you’ve never done this for Thanksgiving, you gotta try it.

Whippersnappers! You don’t know squat about mendacity until you learn at the knee of Ron Ziegler, press secretary to the Nameless One. It was he that declared a previous declaration of total truth to be “inoperative”, hence nonexistent. When it comes to wholesale horseshit, these guys got nothing on him!

Wrong. “These guys” are still spinning their B.S.

Ziegler’s pushing up daisies.

elucidator, for your own personal enjoyment, as well as to actually back up your assertion with a citation (which I have noticed you are occasionally wont to do), I give you the bumblings of wet-behind-the-ears Scott McClellan, whose very name evokes images of ineffectual posturing when cast in the deep shadow of the administration in which he has cast his lot:

An unscrupulous parsing of the proceedings that fateful press conference also reveals a wonderful little haiku:

Q You’re saying, flatly…
MR. McCLELLAN: That would be anonymous.
Q I’m not following.

By the way, it wouldn’t be the first time a press secretary ditched a sinking ship. I expect Ari can find a job as a talking head… on Fox News.

Thanx, Sofa Chucklesome, indeed.

But in defense of Ari, I must admit that I had the sense, watching him spew the Party Line, of a man embarrassed by what Bland Ambition had led him to.

Still, its hard to surpass the existential perfection of rendering a previous statement “inoperative”.

You could look it up…

Did you ever read the transcript of the press conference the day after the United Nations Atomic Energy Fairies said that GeeDubya’s claim of thier support was total crapola? Ari F.kept calling on different folks, and they all kept yielding the floor back to the same guy. The guy who was asking “why is our President lying through his teeth?”

Something like ten or so different cycles. And every time, he stood his ground like nothing was happening. Unflappable.

You think he drinks?

Do I think that Ari drinks? Probably, judging by the proclivities of my fellow Washingtonians and a probable sighting at Ozio over there on M Street about a year ago.

But, in Ari’s defense, not any more than I do. But then again, I knocked off a Budweiser just reading your post and writing this one. That’s something the rest of you people should remember: we’re just as wrecked as the rest of you, but some of us actually make decisions which guide the country. That Iraq thing? Someone set up an ice luge in the President’s back yard, I tell you.

And I went ahead and looked up Ziegler, and I have to say that when such a statement sticks in one’s obituary, even a partisan one, well, it must have been a pirouette worthy of… that Russian guy with the huge balls.

Ziegler got a bad rap, too, like any press secretary. They’re just flunkies, despite their air time. He was just saying what his managers had told him to say - the Nixon lies were Nixon’s, not Ziegler’s. But honorable men resign instead, or don’t get into the flackery biz in the first place. Not that I’m calling Fleischer honorable; he was as eager a spinner as their was, and his resignation’s timing is as suspicious as the OP says it is.