Ari has 'em rolling in the aisles.

Mr. Fleischer cracked up the White House press corp. during his briefing on Tuesday.

Asked about accusations that the White House was trying to influence votes in the U.N. by offering incentives, he seems shocked at the suggestion and bristles with indignation at the idea that such things could take place in the world:

Skip forward to about minute 26 of the Realaudio stream to hear the conference break up amidst raucous laughter.

Too precious.

That is about as sad as Bush’s failed attempt at stand up a couple of days ago.

I mean, really, he interupts national television with “an urgent message on events in Iraq” to first give us some really not so funny jokes, then to tell us EVERYTHING THAT HE HAS BEEN TELLING US ALL ALONG… NO NEW INFORMATION.

It was a sad day… His bad acting took the last 10 min of Jeopardy.

Olentzero opened a similar thread yesterday about this. See Ari to view.

Aiy-ya, I missed that. I looked, honest. Nice that both thread-titles evoke vaudeville, anyway.

Now, where’s a terran ghost when you need one? (Hotkey - “L”)