Arizona Houses on the Water

I have a friend who is looking to retire in the area around Phoenix (Glendale, Scottsdale). He has traveled in the area quite a bit so he knows what he is getting into, heat wise, and he loves the area. There appear to be a fair number of houses available that abut waterways (the houses typically come with a pontoon boat or at least a dock for one). Here is a link to Zillow showing one such neighborhood. These are the kind of houses he is looking at.

My questions are;
Where does the water for these developments come from (they do not appear to be naturally occurring lakes, though I could be wrong)?

Given the water situation in this part of the country (where whiskey is for drinking and water is for fighting), could these waterways be in danger of disappearing anytime soon?

Dumb, aren’t they? It irritates me when people move to the desert, and then try to make it Wisconsin.

The lakes are man made and are canal/lake** water. There are stories every year where one of these lakes gets out of balance - loses oxygen or somesuch. All the fish die and its a stinking mess for weeks.
**the huge lakes that hold most of our drinking/irrigantion water north of the city - Saguaro, Roosevelt, Pleasant, Apache, etc.

That is one hell of a house. 32 beds and 2,400 baths. That’s a steal for only $309,000.

Colorado, Salt, and Verde Rivers. Aquifers.

Every place that the Phoenix area gets it water from is in severe drought and has been for a couple of years. The aquifers are being depleted quickly.

To your second question, I think it is almost certain. To be honest, I wouldn’t make any long-term commitments in southern Arizona at all. It could become a Detroit in 20 years.