Army's Ft. Eustis?

Well, as a 2LT who’s been sitting in limbo waiting for the Army accessions board to give me my branch for the last 5 months, today the call came. I’m a transportation officer. I’ll be going to my OBC at Ft. Eustis, VA…hopefully starting at the end of January (they haven’t gotten around to telling me that yet).

So…anyone been stationed there? What’s it like? How are the buildings, the grounds, etc? Any officers stay in the BOQ? How’re the rooms? Just looking for any info you can give me.

Also…good news…I’ll be going on Active Duty before I go to TOBC, since my ROTC unit is taking me on as their recruiter, effective in a week or two…since I still live in the town, waiting for where to move to. :slight_smile:


But this was back in the early 70’s. Beautiful and historic country though.

I suppose I probably should have put this in IMHO. Anyway, is there anyone who’s been there recently?

I used to work at the Norfolk Naval Base until last year and would have occasion to visit Ft. Eustis from time to time. It’s OK - Langley, being the AF installation, is of course nicer than all of the other bases/posts there combined. Most of the buildings are fairly old but look well maintained. Probably the biggest advantage of being in that area is that there are lots of other installations around, so you can pick which medical facilities and PX/Exchange you wish to patronize (there are even some veterinary services provided by Army personnel at several sites). The Naval Base has its own mall, complete with food court and a movie theater, which I thought was pretty cool. If you like the beach, the Fleet Combat Training Center at Dam Neck has a mighty fine one - lots of good sand and not nearly as crowded as the touristy places. Also, if you like history you won’t be far away from Williamsburg.

Ft. Eustis has its own web site, if you are interested:

Even Uncle Sam Thinks It Sucks

(can’t believe no-one has posted that yet)

I got a pal stationed there now, and last I talked to him he said he loved being that close to the beach. Um, he said the fort is really as derelict as anyone might think. And where he works, across the water in Fort. Story, it’s even worse.

I grew up in Hampton Roads and served as a civilian contractor on Ft Eustis for three years.

Ft Eustis is about as average as Army Posts get.

The beauty of it is that the Tidewater area is very military friendly. All uniformed services are represented there and are welcomed heartily. Nearly every high school has a JROTC program.
Being an officer helps as well. (just, please, don’t turn into a jerk when you reach O-3!) Remember, there’s a LOT of O-6 and above, active and retired, in the Tidewater area (Ft Monroe is TRADOC HQ).

It’s too bad that Bucks Brand Bar just outside of Ft Eustis front gate had to get rid of their nudie dancers when Newport News passed a law requiring entertainers to “cover up” somewhat.