I was accepted to USMC Officer Candidate School!

I’m pretty excited, just heard ealier today from my Staff Sergeant.

I’ll be in Quantico, VA for ten weeks of officer bootcamp. Most likely the ten most challenging weeks of my life.

Can’t wait!

Many congrats to you, and the best of luck! I’ve been told that Marine training is decidedly tough, but those who’ve gone thru it get so much out of it on so many levels. When do you leave? Quantico can be miserable in the heat and humidity of summer…

I’ll be leaving for Quantico on June 1st.

I heard about the humidity and also about the monster hills. I know that all the other candidates for the most part will feel the exact same burn that I’m feeling and we’ll all pull each other at one point or another through the experience.

Congrats catdog!

If I may ask (feel free to tell me "none o’ your business if I’m being to intrusive…)

… what rank are you now?
… how long is OCS?
… are you given your commission at the end of OCS?
… what, generally, happens at OCS?
… could a private, for example, go to OCS, and skip the interveing ranks and go straight to 2nd Lt.?

Zev Steinhardt

Congratulations !

Congratulations catdog! Good luck with everything…I’m sure you’re all squared away and will do fine at OCS. See you on the other side!

Army 2LT Jman

HOO-Rah! Congrats on getting into OCS, and a hearty “you poor bastard” for getting in in the summertime. Could be worse, though…could be Louisiana…anyway, drink plenty of water, don’t lock your knees when you’re at attention (you’ll see at least one person pass out in your first few days from that), and keep your eyes on those butter bars in your future and you’ll do just fine.

I was a cook at OCS-Quantico during summer breaks while in college. I always felt for those guys, and did my best when scrambling 50 dozen eggs each morning at 3:00 a.m.

There isn’t much difference between Quantico and Louisiana during the summer, so it is a toss-up. Hot, humid, with intermittent heat and more humidity. You’ll get used to it.

Best of luck.

Congratulations, CATDOG! I’ll second ZEV’s questions – tell us igner’nt civvies more. :slight_smile:

I’m not technically in the military right now. I’m a Junior at a 4 year public college. OCS is a ten week program to “To train, evaluate, and screen officer candidates to ensure that they possess the moral, intellectual, and physical qualities for commissioning and the leadership potential to serve successfully as company grade officers in the operating forces” to quote the OCS website here .

I’m not too familiar with it, but I believe there are various commissioning programs within the enlisted ranks and I think you have to be at least a Corporal to be eligible for those programs. Regardless where you come from though, a 4yr bachelor degree is required. What I heard though is those enlisted individuals get free college and their military paycheck at the same time. Doesn’t sound like a bad deal to me. DISCLAIMER: I could be wrong, don’t take this as the truth, I heard it secondhand from another candidate.

After this summer, I will return to college and finish up my senior year. If I don’t get disenrolled, get dropped for medical reasons, or get dropped for anything else and pass the summer, I will be offered a commission when I graduate college next year.

Here’s everything you wanted to know and more about officer candidate programs. Chapter 8 should give the specs on ECP’s. I’d prowl through it myself, but I don’t have word and wordpad doesn’t seem to be enough to make it work. But I think you’re right… I seem to recall in my midshipman days that the ECP guys were getting a sweet deal with paychecks and free school. I could be wrong, though.

Oh yeah–congrats! Welcome to the JOPA.

catdog, Congratulations! I did Brown Field (OCS) in 1987, 2nd Platoon, Golf Company, 2nd Increment. Keep your eyes on the future, and keep in mind that a whole hell of a lot of us have done this before, so you can do it, too. It CAN be fun, in a sick sort of way. No matter what, you will have seriously funny stories to tell, and you will be a different person your senior year.

Zev, OCS screens people for leadership. Basic infantry tactics, basic Marine Corps classes on traditions, uniforms, weapons, administration, marching and other classes are tought and tested, but the physical and mental duress a candidate is under puts strain on their ability to perform. Physical Fitness is a big deal, endurance moreso than total strength. Very early wakeups (thanks for the chow, plnnr!) and prep work needed to be done after “lights out” are the norm. Teamwork is critical. Nothing is fast enough for the Instructors. You are always too slow. There is yelling, repeated practice of the same thing, pushups and mountain climbers when someone screws up, and general overall harrassment. But these guys doing the “harassing” are charged with creating leaders that they themselves will follow.

Good times.

Congrats catdog!

About time to change that to devildog isn’t it?

The Bob Vila of the USAF.

Congratulations and good luck. It will be a great experience and a tremendous opportunity.

Don’t take your self too seriously. Maintain a healthy scepticism.

Remember that as a rifle platoon leader your life expectancy under hostile fire is about 17 seconds. Stay out of fire fights that last more than 15 seconds.

Don’t bother getting a haircut. They will give you another one shortly.