Arnold Winkelreid's Doper picture gallery

Could it be made a sticky. please? Sitting up there atop Mundane and Pointless? Good idea, what?

What about all the past Doper picture galleries?
Or the Nude Doper Thread?
There have been tons of great galleries, why that one?

Thank you, Soul Brother Number Two! Can I call you Bro? This was an totally independent suggestion with no prompting on my part. (Pssst - check your Paypal account, wink wink ).

I would be happy if it were to be a sticky, but I think it doesn’t necessarily need to be if people are against it.

ToeJam: do you know of any past Doper galleries that are still online? And/or still adding new pictures? Part of the reason I started a new project was because I thought that all the old picture galleries were defunct.

I would argue that the current picture gallery is different from the previous ones for a couple of reasons:

  1. I am currently adding pictures to it, it’s still being actively maintained
  2. We have many picture threads in MPSIMS, but when I looked in them as part of the research for my gallery project, I found that many of the pictures could not be viewed, because either the links were dead links, or you needed to be a Facebook friend of the poster, or you needed a photobucket account, or things like that. You would have to take my word for this, but I plan on having the current gallery accesssible to anyone (with an internet connection), and plan on maintaining it, for the foreseeable future.

I believe that in the past, there has been precedent for making a thread announcing a new picture gallery to become a “sticky”.

But like I said, if making it a “sticky” smacks of favoritism, or upsets some posters, or the idea is unpalatable to the powers that be for whatever other reason, I won’t mind if the moderators decided not to do so.

With that being said, ToeJam, Soul Brother Number Two, you are cordially invited to send in your photos to . I would be very happy to add them to the SDMB Portrait gallery.

Also, if it were to be made a sticky, I suppose this would only be temporarily, in the first phases of the project - not enthroned at the top of a forum for the remaining lifetime of the SDMB.

Let me run this by the MPSIMS mods.

I suggest a central repository of Doper pics, so that we don’t need to start up the thread again every six months, pictures can come (and go) as they please.

We can try to cull together all the pics that are still out there by active posters (maybe, if they posted more than six months ago, ask their permission) and, for the nude Doper pics, put them in a separate page of the central repository, so that it’s two clicks away. (And, yes, curiosity got the better of me and I checked out that thread. :eek: )

We should maybe (if there isn’t already, I think I saw it somewhere, either here in ATMB or at MPSWIMS) then get together a bunch of de rigeur Doper external links (like the picture site,, well, that’s all I can think of but I haven’t been here that long.) in a sticky

That was my idea when I proposed the new portrait gallery.

At least for my site, I don’t want to take pictures people have previously included in a “Photo” thread and add them to what I have unless they give me permission. One poster has already said “I do not want you to put in your gallery this picture of me that I posted in a previous thread.” This photo was posted less than six months ago in one of the picture threads.
At my site I included a link to all the photo threads that I could find. Unfortunately, as I said above, many of the links in those photo threads are now dead links.

Arnold, you’ve obviously spent a huge amount of time on this, and your efforts are much appreciated.

So sticky it already. :slight_smile:

You got it.

Thank you!

No, thank you! :wink:

Good point. I might get one together of me, but there isnt’ really any recent ones. But I would like y’all to know what I look like …

I’m wondering, though, if this will mean the return of the request for nude Doper pictures, like last year’s thread. I was actually very impressed by the few that were still out there, how most were very artsy and beautiful, and not “smutty” at all (or a picture that seemed to be taken just to say “here are my naughty bits!”)(yes I know this comment probably better belongs in the aforementioned thread, but being over a year old now, I don’t want to resurrect the zombie)). This would be, of course, as per my suggestion, accessible by a second click off the main thread, to maintain our “two click rule”.

I would more than likely not be posting a pic in that one. The nude Doper thread went surprisingly well from what I could see, my naked body would definitely ruin it for everyone. :slight_smile:

And we would all like that too. To get a recent picture is very easy. Find anyone with a camera in their cell phone (maybe your cell phone has a camera in it), ask them to snap a picture and e-mail it to Voilà! Problem solved. Or have any buddy with a digital camera snap a picture and send it off. I you don’t have a recent picture, send an older one.

If there is a big demand for people to post nude pictures in the SDMB portrait gallery I am working on, I can create a section for it, but I don’t think there will be such a demand.

Recent=since I got my van Dyke (goatee and mustache, that’s called a van Dyke, right?), I really like how I look since I got it (about 2 years ago), so I don’t want to contribute a pic without it.

Thoguht of another question, this one a bit more serious - how long do pics stay up for? What hapens to the pic of someone who leaves the Dope community, how long do they have to be an ex-Doper before their picture is taken down? How is that handled?

My plan is to leave the picture there forever unless/until someone asks me to remove the picture. If you want to have a picture removed, you don’t need to give a reason, just say “take my picture off your website please.”

Will our names appear, or just our Doper handles, or neither?

You can look at what is already there. I only list your SDMB name and a link to your SDMB profile. If you send me the picture via e-mail, the e-mail address and the name associated with the e-mail address remain confidential. If you PM me a link to a website telling me “take the picture on this page”, then the website where I found the picture also remains confidential. If you have an online photo gallery that you would like me to mention on your picture page, and you explicitly ask me, I will link to your online photo gallery (one person currently has a link to an online photo gallery from their SDMB Portrait Gallery page.)