ARod arbitration ruling: Banned for entire 2014 season

Entire season, playoffs, as well.
ARod plans to got to court to get an injunction, but it’s a real long shot.

Good news for the Yankees and their payroll issues for 2014. If the ruling stands, I hope they buy out the rest of his contract and release him.

I thought he might be able to play in Japan if he was suspended for the entire 2014 season, but from this article:

I’m not quite sure about how this suspension will affect Yankees’ 2014 spending. Their goal was to stay under $189 mil, in order to re-set the luxury tax rate to 17% in 2015. With ARod’s 2014 suspension, the Yankees’ current payroll is anywhere from $154 to $162 million, depending up who you read. IF they go after Tananka, the Japanese posted free agent, then that will up their payroll by $17 mil, which leaves little room to fill the rest of their needs and to cover in-season injury replacements. The Yankees’ farm system has little in the way of mlb-ready prospects.

My guess is they pass on Tanaka, since 2014 will be the only year, for quite a while, that they can stay under $189 mil.

The commissioner handed down a 162 game suspension for basically “obstruction of baseball justice.”

I believe the commissioner imposed a 211 game suspension, and today the news is that an arbitrator reduced that to 162 (i.e., all of the 2014 season). ESPN story.

I believe 211 was the rest of '13, and all of '14.

Does anyone else think the team should still be on the hook for the salary? Obviously it couldn’t go to the player, but a charity or retirement fund or something. I mean the team benefited from the player taking PEDs, and teams even sign these players knowing they had cheated previously. The Yankees will actually benefit from this suspension as A-Rod is no longer worth the salary.

Beaten to the punch

His last game in 2013 was September 25 (the Yankees played an additional 4 games in 2013). The article that brad_d linked to said, in the very first sentence, that the suspension was reduced from 211 games to 162. At what point are you going to pay attention to what people tell you in your zero research OPs?

Merging two threads about this.

Leaks from the 60 Minutes taped interview tonight with Anthony Bosch, ARod’s PED supplier:

  • ARod asked for the same stuff Manny Ramirez was using
  • Used testosterone injections and HGH
  • Wanted to hit 800 homeruns.

That’s what galls me the most. Not content enough to be one of the top players ever, not content enough to be the highest paid, ever, ARod wanted to hit 800 homeruns.

Bosch is quite the lowlife, but CBS gave him a polygraph test. Of course, sociopaths have a good shot to fool a lie detector, since they lie so often it becomes as natural as breathing.

I believe polygraphs about as much as I believe Ouija boards.

That said, the evidence against Rodriguez is rather substantial.

ARod is suing MLB and the MLBPA in federal court.

This is too funny.

A copy of the lawsuit and arbitrator’s decision, if anyone’s interested (warning: PDF).

And now we’ve officially reached the “What is this guy even doing anymore?” stage of A-rod’s career (cf. Holyfield ear bite, Kournikova getting bounced in the first round of the US Open). What does he possibly have to gain from this lawsuit? Is he bored? Does he need an opponent in his life? Does he have a huge rebellious streak? What?

He’s old, his skills have declined, and even the Yankees fans can’t stand him anymore (and that’s saying a lot). At the same time, he has a World Series ring and way more money than any one man should ever have. If he wants to change his ways and start mending fences, he has all the time in the world for that now. If he wants to cry all the way to the bank and thumb his nose at the world, well, he can do that too. A lawsuit is just going to eat up a ton of money, and even if he wins (which looks unlikely), he’ll be incredibly rusty, the fans are going to resent him even more for bucking the system, and he’s not getting any younger.

Hey, remember what Mariano Rivera did? Close out games. And when he failed and the press was all over him, you know what he did? Take his thumping like a man and try to do better next time. One time, in 2001, he had live with failure for an entire off season. Didn’t let it make him angry and vindictive and rebellious against the system that made him rich. Play the game, pick up a paycheck; and if your’e suspended, ride it out and go back to playing the game and picking up a paycheck. Is that so hard?

I read yesterday that the Yankees will owe him something like $2.4 million and they won’t have to pay the rest. I am not sure where their broader payroll is because they may have to make some other moves to shore up their infield and maybe the pitching staff. With or without this jerk this was not promising to be a great season for the Yankees.

He’s fighting for pride, or his bizarro version of it anyway, and for his money. I get the sense he has almost no chance to win this lawsuit, but he also doesn’t have much to lose. He’s throwing away money, but he has tons and tons of that.

Yankees fans never liked him much. Some of that was for BS reasons, but at most they put up with him and his endless string of tabloid nonsense when he was playing well. No, the team won’t really want him back whenever this is over.

That’s because he had a $25m contract for 2014. The season is technically 183 days, and A-Rod was only suspended for 162 games. So prorated, that’s $2.86m. Additionally, the Yankees are hit with the luxury tax on that, bringing the total closer to $3.16m that the Yankees have to spend on A-Rod-related expenses.

I think Rodriguez has demonstrating the same thing many athletes demonstrate, which is a difficulty in accepting the end of their careers. I can’t imagine what it must be like to be one of the very best at a high-profile job that you’ve spent the great majorty of your life doing, and then find out at such a young age - I mean, we think of 38 years old as old for a ballplayer, but in terms of the human experience it’s less than halfway through adulthood - that you suddenly can’t do it anymore. And in Rodriguez’s case it’s not a slow slide into inability, but a very sudden jolt of “we won’t let you even try.”

You see this in many, many ballplayers. The list of great ballplayers who held on after it was clear they could no longer play at an acceptable level is very long indeed. Few players have retired on a high note like Mariano Rivera or Mike Mussina did.

In Rodriguez’s case, however, while it’s the same thing, it’s extremely amplified by his being a narcissistic egomaniac. I don’t know the guy but it’s impossible to look at his body of work, so to speak, and not be utterly repulsed by his self-obsession; it’s something that has been reported on so often, by so many . Being a great ballplayer is what Alex Rodriguez is, and it’s apparently the only thing that really matters to him. Taking baseball away from him is to take his identity from him; what the hell else IS he?

True, but beyond that, there’s also the buttload of money he’s out for every game he’s suspended for or retires before. Most athletes who are done playing at his age are also out of contract obligations/opportunities.

I don’t like the man much, but I have to agree that this is basically a witch hunt/mob lynching/scapegoat killing. The agreed-upon players contract lays out exactly what the penalty is for first offense of steroids: 50 games. No more, no less.

But since nobody feels all warm and fuzzy about A-Rod (and maybe MLB wants to help the Yankees dump salary), and MLB wants to sacrifice someone to show they’re, um, yes, very very serious about stamping out witches, um, I mean steroids, then contracts and due process can go right out the window.

Again, I don’t like him; he seems like a jerk and what-not, but that’s why we have rule of law-- so everything isn’t about punishing someone just for being unpopular.

I absolutely agree with you. And who was surprised by the arbitrator’s decision, after the last arbitrator to rule on the last high profile PED found in favor of the player (Braun) was summarily fired?