Highest paid player in baseball CHEATS.

Haw haw.

Alex Rodriguez is the highest paid player in baseball and he has to cheat to get on base.

What a fuckin’ baby. The evil empire picks this guy up to ensure they get to the next level and he has to cheat to get on base.

It’s starting to look like his losing aura might just be strong enough to overpower the curse of the bambino.

What could have been running through his puny jock brain last night as he knew his team was on the verge of becoming the first ever to let a team down 3-0 bring it to game 7? What was he thinking as he saw Arroyo pick up that meek grounder knowing it was going to be his last chance to help avoid setting a precedence in futility?

I guess it was “no matter what, I can’t go down like this. I got to get on base, rules be damned. I could take my out like a man, and let Jeter be standing on second, but fuck that. I’m the highest paid player in the history of the game. I ain’t going down like that.”

Guess what, Moneybags, you are going down like that. Your big fat salary is bankrolling what’s about to be the most famous collapse in the history of professional sports. Thank you A-Rod for being such a money grubbing pig. Thank you Steinbrenner for making it all the more satisfying.

Let me give you a tip about the culture of baseball…

If they can get away with it…they all cheat. Or almost all of them, anyway. It’s a part of the game.

You’re not an athlete, are you?
You do whatever it takes within the allowable flex of the rules.

Did Alex Rodriguez knowingly and willfully cheat?

Not the way you said he did, no.

Players do it all the time at the other end of the basepaths.

You’re rounding third, headed for home, when you see the throw from the cutoff man sail past you and settle into the catcher’s mitt- the catcher then squares himself to tag you out.

What do you do?

If you’re a player, committed to his team, you put your shoulder down and knock the catcher into next week. If you do it right, the catcher drops the ball and you’re safe.

If you’re Trunk, well, you meekly admit you’re out, stop, and wait to be tagged out. Then, you get waived because you’re a fucking pansy who’s not doing whatever he can to help the team win.
It’s much more likely that Rodriguez was thinking ONLY “Gonna get beat. Gotta dislodge ball.” So that’s what he did. Did he do a smooth job of it? Oh, hell no. Did he deserve to be called out? Sure he did. Would I have liked it better if he had been ruled safe? Of course I would. But the umpires did the right thing, called him out, and the Yankee fans booed, because nobody likes when a call (right or wrong) goes against your team.
But Rodriguez was not planning on cheating- he was playing hard. And I’m willing to bet that if he wasn’t a Yankee, you’d find a way to praise him.

It was pretty funny to see him pantomiming the “normal running motion (in the course of which, if the ball is dislodged, the runner is safe),” trying to convince the first-base umpire that the contact was incidental.

I’d have done the same thing. So would anyone in A-Rod’s position.
Hate the Yankees for any one of a dozen other readily available reasons, but not because their players play hard.

That’s called ‘competitive fire’, and it gives coaches and managers wet dreams. :wink:
A-Rod (who is, regardless of how you feel about his salary, one of the greatest players ever) was fortunate enough to be the right guy in the right place at the right time to sign up for his 24 million/year. It’s possible that no one will be signed to that kind of money for that long a period of time for many many years to come, if ever.

I’ll tell you who really earned their money on that play: the umpires. To reverse a call like that, in hostile territory, almost causing a riot in the Bronx, that takes real courage. I salute those men in blue.

You know, I read that Stephen King is writing (or co-writing) a book about this season. IT’s almost like he already wrote it, and it’s just playing out now.

Yes, he’s never gotten on base legitimately. :rolleyes:

The Evil empire was at the next level loooong before Arod.

Oh yeah, the aura is fading! :rolleyes: You do realize the Yanks are the most successful team in modern sports, with 26 rings. Even if the Sox win, they’ll have what? 5 rings? ohhhh

Arod did what he did to win, I can at lease respect that.

Yeah, I guess football coaches love offensive linemen who false-start too.

They’re just so. damn. eager. to get going. What great athlete’s they are. Who the fuck cares if it hurts the team, I got competitive juices. I’m a REAL athlete like “Scrappy Pup”.

Yeah, he took a swipe at another ball player’s extended arm while running full speed. I give him about as much respect for that play as he had for Arroyo and for the rules.

Grabbing a pitchers hand and putting a shoulder down to run over a catcher are not the same thing. The second is (a) allowed, (b) part of the game, and © helps your team win. Torii Hunter of the Twins basically knocked the ChiSox out of the division race with such a play. The first is none of those things. It is never done, it’s not allowed, and it does nothing but get you out.

Yankees fans care nothing for the game, anyway. If A Rod pulled out a sock full of pennies and smashed Mientkiewicz in the head, they would clap for his competitive fire. I’ve decided that Yankees fans are just a bunch of bandwagon jumpers and aren’t even baseball fans. If they were, they would be disgusted at the Bronx Bankroll the way the rest of us are.

This is all true enough. Players are always going to see how much they can get away with.

But if you try something like this, and get busted, then you should take your lumps. What makes A-Rod such a miserable, whining asshole is the fact that he couldn’t just accept that he’d been caught breaking the rules and sit down. He had to cry about it like a petulant child, and even after the game he was still complaining that it’s all some great conspiracy:

Hey, wanker, the umpires made the right call.

You do realize the Yanks are the highest paid baseball team in modern sports.

Have they always been the highest paid? If not, do you have point?

Boston ain’t so far behind in the payroll department either. Look at Diamondbacks, D-rays, and Angels, they did just fine.

It was even MORE of a momentum changer because A-Rod set the fans up to think he’d reached base safely and fairly before the truth came out.

This play was 8 million times worse than if Arod had just taken a plain old out, 8 million, I tell ya. The negative vibes from this play will reverberate into tonight and beyond.

It was beautiful, too. He didn’t just swipe. He swiped with a bright white glove and spread his fingers out as if he was TRYING to make it as visible as possible.

Haw haw.

Dude this monday morning quartebacking is pathetic. He made a split second decision to try and do something to win, and it backfired on him. Any fucking guy in his place would have attempted something similar. Every player at one point or another does something dirty, some more then others. It’s the nature of sports, grow up.

Stereotype much?

skutir, A-Rod didn’t grab Arroyo’s hand. He slapped Arroyo in the forearm with his open hand, trying to make it look like the normal running motion. And yes, those two things are the same. If you’re running normally and you bump the tagging player and he drops the ball, you’re safe. That it is more common in other circumstances doesn’t make it any different. The difference is, putting oyur shoulder down is part of running and reaching out to slap the tagger’s arm is not. Rodriguez tried to disguise the latter as the former and failed, and that’s why he was out. Correct call by the umpires.
Trunk, let’s see if you can understand the difference here.

A false start penalty is a clear violation of the rules, in that the offensive lineman begins moving before the snap. It’s easily noticeable, and very black-and-white. There’s no way to mask it as anything other than what it was.

A-Rod’s infraction was less so. There are conditions under which he would have been safe, and he tried to make those conditions occur. They didn’t. He was out. But, until the umpires tell him to get off the field, he’s allowed to plead his case. Which he did. Not well enough to get it reversed, but he did what he could. Then he DID take his lumps, and sat down. Did he… umm… let’s say… I dunno- throw some bats at the umpires? No, that was one of those holy underdog Red Sox that did that. No Pit thread about Ortiz from you, though.

And, if you can, Trunk, answer me this: How did what Rodrguez did hurt the Yankees? There was nothing but upside to what he did. If he doesn’t try to dislodge the ball, he’s out. He tries and fails, still out. Succeeds and the umps rule against him, he’s still out. His team is behind and he’s in a position to turn an out into a run. In the worst case, he’s out, but in the best, he’s safe and Jeter scores.

Nobody in football willingly false starts. But batters lean into pitches, catchers line up and pull balls back into the strike zone, baserunners slide hard to break up DPs, all of which stretches the rules because there’s somehting to be gained.

As for after the game, if Rodriguez is asked about the call, what’s he SUPPOSED to say? “I tried to cheat and it didn’t work?” Hell, no, he’s not, and only a moron would expect him to say that. He’s going to say “I wuz robbed.” Because he wuz robbed, according to him.

He played hard. He tried to dislodge the ball, and he didn’t do it correctly.

Mind you, I’m not a Yankee fan. But the knee-jerk hatred of anti-rooters just pisses me off. Because if it was a member of your own favorite team (provided you have one, that is) did the same thing, the Pit thread would be about the umpires.

Jesus. He didn’t punch Arroyo in the face. He stretched the rules. It didn’t work. The Yankees lost. That’s baseball.

No, because that gets called every time. They love offensive linemen who hold and are able to get away with it, though.

I hate to say it, but A-Rod made a reasonable decision at the point. You take the gamble, he’s out either way. I don’t think he thought that Jeter would be called back to first though, since on a lot of interference calls, the runner is called back to the base he was on when the interference took place. Jeter was already at second.

The whining afterwards, though, needs to go. Be a man and suck it up. Sure, act all surprised and a bit indignant while the umpires are conferencing to try and sway them, but after they make the correct call (and you KNOW it’s the correct call), don’t continue to pout. And certainly don’t whine about it in the postgame press conference. Schmuck.

I’m assuming you mean North American sports. The BBC did a quick primer on baseball history during the playoffs last year, explaining why Yankees-Sox was a big deal and why the potential for a Cubs-Sox World Series was so captivating. Anyway, during the course of that, they compared the premier North American franchise (Yankees) with the premier European franchise (Real Madrid) and Real Madrid came out ahead.

Six, but they won’t have committed the biggest choke job in North American sports history, either. :slight_smile:

What’s the big deal? It’s not like he threw a broken bat at a base runner.

Desperate act by a desperate man playing on a desperate team that stands on the verge of being the one embarassing exception to a well known precept… that no team blows a 3-0 lead.

Go Sox.

What base is Jeter on after A-rod’s play?

What base is Jeter on if A-rod takes his out like a man?

If you can answer those two questions correctly, but still don’t have the final answer, let me know and I’ll come back and help.

North America, the world, same diff. :wink:

I actually thought Manchester United would take that prize.

Let’s wait on this for another 12 hours.