Highest paid player in baseball CHEATS.

Sox Fan,

Are you really falling for it…again?

Can we have a cap on this, say, maybe ONE thread bitching about the Yankees per Forum at a time? This is getting even more tiresome.

Same here, but what the hell do I know about soccer?

Well, you said if they won.

No, not really, but with the Yankees I am at my most irrational.

Lol, yep I did.

Carry on.

I’m not sure what you mean by ‘they did just fine’. Payroll-wise, the Diamondbacks were ranked thirteenth, the D-rays twenty-ninth, and the Angels third. Performance-wise (Winning Percentage), the Diamondbacks were thirtieth, the D-Rays twenty-third, and the Angels were sixth. I can see where the Angels did just fine, but I’m confused about the other two teams you picked. What were you trying to say?

They should have just called an illegal use of hands penalty.

I wouldn’t call it cheating, and I think the umps made the right call.

Sorry mixed up the D-rays and Marlins.

My point is the the Marlins, Angels, and Diamondbacks have won the last 3 WS, while the Yanks, Sox, Mets, the highest payroll teams, have not. Now it would be insane to suggest that deep pockets don’t help, but take a look around at any sport.

**Trunk, ** Jeter was on second when the infraction occurred. So where Jeter ought to have been sent is a bit up in the air, given that he’s supposed to take the last legitimate base achieved before the commission of the infraction.

And it’s still a better play for A-Rod to dislodge the ball. More upside than potential downside, given the point of the game, difference in score, and number of outs.

Scrappy, if the batter is called out for interference before he reaches first base, the runners return to the base they were on when the ball was hit. Jeter got sent back to first, according to the rules.

It’s a great play for A-Rod to try to dislodge the ball by running over Bronson Arroyo or barrelling into him. It’s not a great play to try to swat the ball out of his hand. and to argue that it was part of your natural running motion is crazy. I actually laughed out loud at the thought of A-Rod running down the line, open hands swatting at air with every step.

You’re thinking of a passed ball that enters the stands or otherwise becomes a deadball. A deadball foul such as this one returns the baserunners to their original positions, which makes A-Rod’s actions detrimental to the team.

Nah, he was on first, as has been discussed at length in another thread.

Oh, I see what you mean. He was on second when the infraction incurred, i.e., he would have taken second if there was a clean out.

Realizing this what has to be done in a spit second, and then flubbing the execution is a far cry from cheating.

Like it’s been said before, WTF are the Yanks supposed to do? Torre at least has to make a token appearance. You must not watch much sports, because a team trying to connive some twisted explanation on a call that’s obviously against them is as old as time itself.

False analogy. An offensive lineman who jumps ahead on the snap and gets flagged costs his team yardage. A-rod doing nothing was out; A-rod taking the chance and knocking the glove draws the exact same penalty: he’s out. In other words, the lineman is taking a risk of an additional penalty if he’s flagged; Rodriguez had no real downside to his attempt.

Bias disclosure: I hate the Yankees. I root for the Orioles and whoever the Yankees are playing. Mrs. Bricker is a die-hard Red Sox fan.

Wait, hold on, I don’t get something…

Who’s on first?

A co-worker here (Red Sox fan, just to disclose bias) claimed to me this morning that A-Rod never touched first base on the play. I can see how that might have been lost in all the confusion, but can anyone confirm or deny that?

You’re not reading ahead far enough, Bricker. If A-Rod doesn’t swipe at the glove, Jeter’s in scoring position with one out, as he’s allowed to advance since there’s not a deadball foul.

He didn’t tag first because the first baseman was blocking the bag, and forced him out of the basepath. Everything else aside, he probably would have been granted the base on account of obstruction.

When A-Rod headed towards second, he stepped on the bag, I believe.

Recall he was on second after the ball rolled away while they were discussing the play.

They kept cutting the replay short but I think one of the replays showed it.