Arrested Development 1/16/05

After a hiatus for a few weeks, a very funny episode, IMO. Loved all the views of GOBs antics in last year’s softball game. All the side of effects of the drug which were mentioned by the narrator at various times during the show were funny as well.

Though, once again, Michael’s dealing with George Michael and Ann’s relationship was the best. “You should play the field… in the game”; “It’s good to think of Ann as a backup”… LOL!

Though I thought “The Wall” was as good as her nickname… unless the ball popped out of her glove. Anyone know if it did?

I don’t know if she held on to it or not (I thought she did), but I loved how she just leveled GOB!

I wasn’t feeling very well tonight and I had an epiphany. I think Arrested Development is a hard show. I don’t blame myself thought because I missed the first five minutes. But I couldn’t follow it.

I thought Maeby was hilarious tonight. “Jim…Carey…the grinch guy, you’re too young.” and “marry me.” She is so comfortable in the role of middle aged person which is extra funny since her mom is so not.

I also think Gob is growing on me, face-wise. He used to kind of gross me out but now he looks cute to me. He was bouncing that guy on his knee again too.

JK Simmons was on too! Lucille going downtown was pretty gross.

Frankly, I thought that joke was utterly hilarious! I definitely wasn’t expecting Lucille to start singing “Downtown”.

Apologies for a hijack, but I’ve missed the last few episodes: is George Sr. under house arrest now or did he escape from prison?

Both of the greatest laughs (as usual) were from her tonight (at least for me). One was “Downtown” and the other was the “I want to Marry My Mom” magazine cover.

I also loved the Gomer Pyle scene, and learning Lucile was once a Bob Hope USO girl was hysterical.

George Sr escaped prison, and then pretended to run away from the family’s house when he was discovered by Ice. But he really didn’t run away and was living in the family attic with only Michael knowing about it. Until now, because he umped the game.

He escaped at the end of last season – faked a medical thing and escaped from the hospital.

This season, he was in Mexico briefly, but then hid out back at home (in a spider hole, a la Saddam Hussein), and now he’s hiding out in the attic at the model home – only Michael knows he’s still there.

After he umped the game, though, both GOB and Lindsay know he’s around (though Lindsay may think it is because of the drugs). Who knows where he goes from here.

I didn’t expect Lucille to start singing that dreaded song either. It was funny in my brain but it made me queasy everywhere else for some reason.

Oh you know what else was good? When the eyebrow fell in the candies and Gob gave him shit. But then later he was kissing that eyebrow!

Maeby was great (she IS a con artist! what a good description), and I’m always happy to see J.K. Simmons. Andy Richter showing up was funny too. I’m very interested to see what happens now that GOB knows George Sr. is around - and where is the old man going to go? Why is this show only on once a week and only for half an hour?

Don’t forget everyone thinks George Sr is dead. He was supposedly beaten to death by the Mexican police officers due to severe burns they had acquired over teh years from his corn baller which apparently is still sold in Mexico.

(Now that was a clever tie in to season one.)

I loved the reaction after says he’s proud and runs off. My guess is that his stay in the attic is over.

The show is funny as usual.

Pokey, “hard” is a fair way to describe it. No drifting off when watching this.

But the show hasn’t been performing at its highest capacity. Midseason last year was comedy at its finest. This season, while excellent, is a tad off.

I’m hoping that the Maeby as a Studio Exec subplot will take off. Lot of room for comedy there.

And I thought it was sweet she immediately asked for a job for her dad. Kind of surprising.

Well, not everybody, anymore. Remember that when Michael realized he was in the attic, he told the family that George, Sr. was hiding out there. They rush up to the attic, only to find that he supposedly escaped out the window (then George Sr. comes out of hiding when it’s only Michael there – the latest “escape” a ploy by Michael and dad to keep his hiding out truly a secret from everybody else).

Here’s the part from the episode summary on, too:

So, they know he’s alive now – but they just don’t know where.

Another funny tie in to Season 1 was after GOB was knocked down at the plate by Ann, he had lost a tooth and made the whistling noise a la the candy apple incident in Season 1.

I liked Ed Begley Jr.'s character also. I hope that they keep him around as a nice-guy (but is he really or is it just super deep cover?) competitor.

The episode was great, as always, but I was happiest seeing Andy Richter in a show that is good again. His first show was funny, but got schedule buried. Septuplets is pure garbage.

Arrested Development is a great show. Andy Richter deserves to be on a great show. Keep him there.

Well Richter just seemed to be doing a cameo, so he could run away from Tobias. I don’t think he’ll be around too much.

Of course… I forgot. Damned Fox and their erratic scheduling.