Arrested Development 12/19

I finally feel like this season is hitting it’s old groove again.

“If I didn’t have a live duck in my pants right now, I’d jump across this table…”

Agreed. I especially liked the Bob Loblaw Law Blog. Reminded me of one of my favorite jokes from Jay Ward.

Tom Slick: I’ve protected the Thunderbolt Grease Slapper with some rubber bumpers.
girl: Where did you get them?
Tom Slick: From that baby buggy.
Narrator: Uh oh. Looks like trouble for your narrator, folks. :slight_smile:

Lucille as monster was a real hoot, too.

Now, THAT was old-time AD!! Fantastic! I was practically choking by the time they got to the lessons–George teaches the boys one, then the boys teach him one, then Buster teaches them all! I think this is the only Buster triumph we’ve seen.

Integration of the Maeby and facelift storylines, brilliant. GM didn’t have much to do, but he needed a break. Lindsay and baldy Tobias, LOL.

The dueling banana stands–OMFG!! STEVE HOLT!! And how funny ‘Yellow Submarine’ would have been, but of course they can’t afford it.

So. much. goodness.

I liked Tobias’ turban. Very chic!

Did you catch the “Yellow Boat” song played during the last montage.

Ok I missed the subtitles for Buster on the Boys fighting videos any one get them?

(checks tivo)

All by “Baby Buster”

I don’t want to go to bed!
Too old to breastfeed
Fifth grader wets his bed
I don’t want to be in this video.
Also, when the painters were making fun of buster in Spanish while faux crying, he said “I want milk. I want mother’s milk.”

Great, great episode. I was worried they were repeating themselves terribly at the end, and then Buster’s hand gets shot off and somehow it becomes brilliant.

That was fantastic. The whole “the footage wasn’t as funny as you’d think” was hysterical. All of the music clips they played during that were from the show - I caught all of them. GOB’s screwup in the boardroom killed me. And George Sr laundering Columbian pesos through the rival banana stand.

The rerun episode afterwards had one of my favorite gags in it. Michael met Maggie Friday night in a bar called “Miss Temple’s”. And in the previous episode, George Michael and Maeby had had a Sunday lunch at “Skip Church’s.” I didn’t catch that until the third or fourth time I saw it.

That one took me several repeats as well. I complain about their recycled jokes sometimes, but the song gags were great, as you said. “Ooh- Hot Cops! And Big Yellow Joint!”

i haven’t caught up on the recent episodes, but this reminded me to get downloadin’. I don’t understand people that don’t find this show funny. Oddly refreshing to have a show that doesn’t have the omnipresent laugh-track in the background that has almost always gone hand-in-hand with sitcoms (I’m sure there are other exceptions, but I’m not coming up with zilch).

FYI, NBC’s new Thursday night shows haveno laugh tracks: The Office, My Name is Earl, and Scrubs.

Malcolm in the Middle and Bernie Mac are a couple more. Then of course there are the HBO greats: Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry Sanders, Dream On, Entourage, et al.

“We’ve been haemoraghing cash”
<pennies explode>
“But he was finding himself… overwhelmed by the change”
“I already shot my wad”

When did Gob get a girlfriend?

Right on. And to think that I’ve been watching malcolm in the middle for years! The office. Any good suggestions as to why they just hijacked the british script and ran the jokes verbatim? I watched the american version a few times, but had to stop so that it wouldn’t forever change my opinion of the ingenious show.
And as for the rest of the shows you listed, I’m completely clueless. Obviously swedish tv hasn’t caught on to those shows yet. Give it a few years.

Only the first couple of episodes of the American version of “The Office” were based on scripts from the British version. Since then, they’ve really found their own voice. It’s on it’s second season here, and it’s much funnier than it was at first.

Most of the laugh-track-free shows Happy mentioned are on HBO. That may be why they haven’t shown up in Sweden yet. “My Name is Earl” is new this year. Maybe you’ll get it soon. If you do, I highly recommend it.

Well…a live dove anyway. Of course GOB had to put some bread in his pants too, because you don’t want to have a hungry live dove in your pants.

I love how Bob Loblaw gave Lindsey’s new attorney a wink during the divorce meeting. Also, Tobias’ little girl routine when he was on the phone with Bob was brilliant. This entire episode was a riot. It felt like 2 episodes worth of material, but didn’t feel rushed or crammed.

“This corner sells more frozen bananas than anywhere in the O.C.”

“Don’t call it that.”

Oh won’t someone save our Bluths!

The Bob Loblaw Law Blog.

…probably off to meet her Mr. Blahblahblah (I’ll meet you at 8:00…)

And of course the two times that “Franklin Comes alive” is accidentally played killed me.

“It ain’t easy being white…”

I wasn’t really sure about Bob Loblaw as a character, after all he is not the Fonz… I mean Barry.

But last night I think I finally got him. I made teh mistake in thinking he was somehow slow or did not understand what was going on with the Bluths. Then last night it hit me like a brick.

He’s not oblivious just a devious bastard using the Bluths to line his pockets. Using up their retainer by having phone sex with Lindsey was on purpose. I didn’t realize he knew what she was doing and had his secretary record it so that he could call it a consultation.

Getting a free maid through Lindsey and making his intern go against him in the divorce are stroke of evil genius.

Now say, Bob Loblaw Law Blog five times fast.

I can’t believe it, there really is a Bob Loblaw Law Blog

There was also Michael’s reaction when he saw the dove on the counter and not in Gob’s pants.

What was the throwaway line about Tony Wonder?