Arrested Development: What are your favorite moments so far?

So what AD scenes have given you the biggest guffaws so far from any episode?

For me it would probably be a toss-up of among the following:

*Gob seeing his dad and mom recreating his conception

*George Sr. embracing his new Judaism (“I’m sorry Michael, I have to prepare for the Sabbath…” “Dad it’s Tuesday”)

*George Michael realizing too late that the inmates on TV are satellite feed (after George’s requesting that they not debate Torah points by waving their penises and screaming)

*Lucille acquiescing to General Garvey’s request to “Go Down-town

Remember when Michael thought Oscar was talking about making love to Lucille but Oscar was really talking about getting her high? And then Oscar starts saying, “how should I give it to her?” and Michael was grossed out, and then Oscar says, “maybe I’ll put it in her brownie” and Michael made a terrible face?

Oh, I nearly forgot. Last night when Gob fell in the pool he was saying “Michael, they’re laughing with me!” again.

When Tobias said that if he got stuck with a chubby he’d suck it up.

The first time Ron Howard explained what a “never nude” is.

When Gob’s wife took zany photos at Abu Gharib. <—all time winner.

The first episode

George: “I don’t have time for your magic”

Gob: “Illusions, Dad. You don’t have time for my illusions.”

Isn’t it:

I don’t have time for your tricks.

Illusions, Dad. You don’t have time for my illusions. Tricks are what whores do.

The soap-opera-y music that follows whatever cheesy anvil Oscar drops about Buster’s paternity just kills me.

When the Bluths plus Ann are driving to Mexico, Lindsay spots the bounty hunter on a motorcycle behind them.

LINDSAY: Hey, check out who’s on that hog back there!
MICHAEL: George Michael!

That last sentence is when GOB explains it to Michael. “Tricks are what a whore does for money.” [Sees kids] “Or cocaine!” (Or candy in the regular pilot, I think.) He just says “My illusions!” to George Sr.

A couple of scenes I loved from Sword of Destiny this season:

GOB: “Me quick, want slow. No wait, that’s Indian. TEA FOR DONG!” And the proud look on his face when he says it… and then there’s

G: “If you do this for me I’ll buy you a hundred George-Michaels that you can teach to drive!”
Michael: “You’re losing blood.”
“I think so. My socks are wet.”
“You’ll be sorry! … Oh wait, that doesn’t work after his line…”

And then that scene from Immaculate Election, where Michael is trying to apologize to GOB and get him to help, while GOB is trying to plead for his job without being able to admit Michael fired him and yet lord it over Michael at the same time. The way he won’t let Michael sit down, and then his comments about Steve Holt.

“I don’t know if I can win a race against myself… but if anyone can do it, I can… I just wish I was fifteen years younger.”

“Gobias? Cute”

“It’s pronounced Go-buy-us, as in, go buy us this coffee shop.”

Iraqi WMD sites turn out to be Tobias’ Charlie Browns. I think that was the first time they slapped an episode with a “viewer discretion is advised”.

The “You’re killing me Buster” banner, especially when it made a reappearance when Buster came home from the hospital after getting his hook.

Any scene with Gob.

He’s got the overly dramatic magician thing down.

Also, when Buster is caught in bed with the robo-maid.
“What do you expect? I’m part machine!”

(and then the re-appearance of robo-maid last week)

Oh man, where do I begin? Like Family Guy, there’s a lot of ongoing blink-and-you’ll-miss-it overlapping humour. Some of my favourite moments have been in the last two or three episodes:
Buster in bed with the room cleaning robot.

Anything Mrs. Featherbottom ever said.

George Michael’s crush on his cousin Maeby, especially in last week’s spring break episode: “You’re like this flower, and I know it’s Springtime, but I’d just hate to see you get plucked by someone who doesn’t even care that you’re blossoming .”

Season 2:


The multiple permutations of “Her?”

Gob’s freakout about Buster’s hook hand when he tries to say Buster but it comes out as Monster.

Michael’s reaction to mayonegg.

The sad walk to “Christmas-time is Here Again”.

From season 1:

George Michael’s desperate “Maybe we should kiss to teach them a lesson.”
Maebe “How does that teach them a lesson?”
George Michael “I dunno. Let’s play Go Fish… Uno…” (the Go Fish Uno part was ad libbed by Michael Cera)

So many good George Michael moments in season 1. Asking about whether Lindsay ever was pregnant and Gob’s answer “Dozens of times.”

Just hearing “Final Countdown”.

“No touching!”
“Her self esteem is through the roof.”

“Anyhoo, what’s the plan?”

So much to love. GOB’s recurring illusion with the lighter fluid. “Still, where did the lighter fluid come from?” And then the fact that Sally Sitwell’s car was on fire.


Marta to Buster after he confesses his love: “I’m sorry, but I’m not really sure who you are.” And just generally any scheming between GOB and Michael to get this “Hermano.” And the fact that GOB knows the word for brother in every other language.

Any scene with George Michael. Michael Cera has some of the finest facial expression control I’ve ever seen, and whenever he has one of those scenes where 15 emotions wash over his face in one second it never fails to lead to guffaws.

Of course, Dr. Literal. (“Let him finish.”)


Young Buster chunking the Dust Buster at the Bus.

I love this show so much. I’ll try not to spend all day thinking of these now…

  • Buster and Michael’s bike ride from season 1. Michael commented that he was going to kick Buster’s butt, which Buster responded to with a 45 second string of profanities.

  • Buster playing with Lucille’s rape horn. “Like anyone would want to ‘R’ her.”

  • Every scene with George Michael. Especially those with Maeby as well. Favorites from this season are when Ann broke up with him and he bursted into crying instantly and when he expressed concern that Franklin was going to point out his cracker ass again.

  • Season 1 again: Everything with Carl “Just Two Adults Gettin’ A Stew On” Weathers.

  • Barry Zuckercorn’s unending parade of bizarre diseases, and the reaction shot of anyone he touches.

  • Speaking of reaction shots - I loved the close-ups of both Franklin and George Sr’s dolls in the last few episodes.

  • The chicken dances! Especially the duel version with GOB and Lindsey. I also loved GOB’s lazy hands-only version to Michael after he failed to ask Sally Sitwell out again. After Michael asked if he was going to get off his scooter and do his little dance, GOB replied that he hurt his ankle “shooting hoops or something.” Of course, we then flash back to see GOB performing a merciless chicken dance for Buster the day before, hurting his ankle in the process. I love that scene because it’s just so nonsensical - a grown man still picking on his little brother relentlessly. :smiley:

I could go on, but I should do at least a little work today. Can’t wait for the DVDs!

After President Gob bought the boat “Seaward”.

Michael: Gob, just get rid of the Seaward.
Lucille, walking up to them: I’m not leaving till I’m ready, Michael.

I fell off the couch.

More than anybody else on the show, and I do like everybody else, he always seems to be at one with his character.

With Will Arnett, on the other hand, everything is almost fall down and hurt yourself laughing funny. Somebody a couple of weeks ago commented that he has this ability to stare off at the wall whenever anyone is talking to them- you can almost hear him ignoring them. Maybe the best scene for that was in the finale last year, when he had dinner with Kitty.

“What about macaroni - let me finish - salad?”

I’ve mentioned this on other AD threads here, but have you seen the Making Of feature on the DVD’s? It’s hilarious to watch Cera and Alia Shawkat because they’re the exact opposite of their characters. Shawkat is this goofy, giggly little girl, while Cera is well-spoken, calm, and just totally has everything under control. Acting!


Anytime “The Final Countdown” plays, I’m laughing.

I gotta make that my ringtone…

I thought I’d seen all the features; I’ll have to re-watch that. I guess it helps that George-Michael says fewer ridiculous things than the others and is sort of this innocent straight-man figure.

I wish I could do that. On the plus side, my roommate downloaded it from iTunes - and in fact he did do a GOB-type dance to it while drunk the other night. I’ve learned to play it on guitar, and our other friends are starting to download it too. If any of the members of Europe are still alive, Arrested Development may be the only thing keepign them from having to eat catfood for dinner.

And how has nobody remembered “I blue myself?”