Arsenal vs. Man United [spoilers]

What a great match! Who even amongst the diehard Arsenal fans woulda thunk Arsenal would rescue their season with a win at Old Trafford, aftergoing winless in eight vs. Man U., and without Henry & v. Persie? A stunning overall steal, dribble and pass by Fabregas and great finish by Adebayor make Wenger look like a genius for strating Adebayor alone up front and not pulling him for Flamini and playing for the tie (which some think he almost did before the goal). Add to that probably the best save in the EPL since David James’ stop of a Lampard (I think) goal from point blank range last year for Man City vs. Chelsea- there is no way Lehmann should have even seen Ole’s shot, let alone got a hand on it. Arsenal ain’t gonna win the title, but should at least finish top 4 again. And what a start for 'Arry and Porstmouth!

Talk about your spoilers in the title. Sheesh!

Sorry for spolier- could a moderator change title to “Arsenal v. Man United (spoliers)”. Very sorry about that, but the game was yesterday, it didn’t occur to me some may not have seen it.

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Was a good game but the better team won.

Sadly, this just means Chelsea will with a 3rd title on the trot. O’Shea was muck. How he gets his game for United is beyond me. This from a fanatical Irish fan (was just in Stuttgart for the Germany match and he was shite there as well).

He should have been replaced by Carrick.

Just FYI, we sometimes do and sometimes don’t get these live here. I often tape EPL matches and then watch later, at my leisure. Sometimes I know the scores up front, sometimes I don’t, but I prefer the “let me be surprised” version. If I lived in England then I would have watched live or been unable to avoid the result, but most of this stuff goes under the General Public radar here in the USA.

ShibbOleth, I should know better, as I too often tape and watch games hours and sometimes days after they are played. Last year FSC didn’t show one of the bigger EPL games that was played on a weekend until Wednesday night, and I managed to somehow avoid any outlet or person that would have shown the score until then, so yes, it would have annoyed me to no end in that time to come here and see the score posted before I watched the taped braodcast, so again, my apologies. :slight_smile:

I know near zilch about UK football but, just out of curiosity, how often do Arsenal and Manchester United play each other during the season?

Premiership teams play each other twice, once at each club’s home ground. They can also meet if drawn against other in the FA Cup knockout competition, and again in a replay if the first match is a draw (tie). Then there’s the League Cup, another knockout tournament, in which there are no replays but the semi-finals are held over two home and way legs. It’s also possible for English teams to meet twice in one of the European tournaments, the Champions League or the UEFA Cup. And they can meet in the pre-season opener, the Charity Shield between the Premiership champions and the FA Cup winners, which just about counts as a full fixture.

So that’s nine possible meetings in one season between any two Premiership teams. And I may have missed out further possibilities involving things like the World Club Championship, if that is still going. In practice, top teams like Arsenal and Man U are likely to meet twice every season in the league, and once or twice every few years in a cup.