Art Nouveau lovers unite

I adore the art nouveau style of the early 20th century. The swirls, the bright colors, the rich details!

Mucha, Mackintosh, Tiffany, Lalique!

Here’s another thing we have in common (the others, of course, being Buffy, Anne Of Green Gables, and SAAN).

I am a HUGE fan of Lempicka, Mucha, Manet and Rodin and to a lesser extent; Privat-Livemont, and Leo Putz.

I have a print of the Four Seasons by Mucha up on my wall that I adore. My mom has a poster, advertising Mistinguette, and I covet it just horribly. She found it abandoned in an apartment she moved into in the 70’s. If Antiques Roadshow comes back to Southern Ontario, I’m getting her to have it appraised.

I just framed a very nice Scottish art nouveau tile (out of a tenement close) that I bought in Glasgow last June; it has a lovely stylised flower on it very much in the Rennie Macintosh style. It was the only thing I could afford at the show! It now hangs in my bathroom.

Pride of place on my chest of drawers in my bedroom - a beautiful art nouveau hairbrush and hand mirror set, marked “Aluminum” and “Pat June 13 1905”.
If I were rich enough I would buy some original Emile Galle art glass…it is glorious.

Joining you in the Galle love.

I see a lot of very good Galle reproductions (if we’re being charitable)/fakes (if we’re not) at auctions. They reportedly come from Hungary or the Czech republic. Small vases go for a few hundred dollars, and quite large bowls and vases often go for under $1500 (all prices Canadian dollars).

If you’re a fan of pate de verre or acid cut glass, “reproductions” can give you the feel of the original at a budget price. Just make sure not to buy a reproduction and pay an “original” price.:smack:

I have a reproduction Tiffany lamp that I love - n.b. not one of the awful Tiffanyesque lamps found at every garage sale.

All I can afford is cheap replicas–even the cost of the frame makes me wince!

But I’ve got 2 or 3 full-sized/oversized versions of Mucha’s work on my wall, and eight framed Mucha Postcards!

A link to low-cost Mucha resources, for the art lover on a nearly non-existant budget.

You’re on SAAN? Dude, what user name? (same as here?)

My sister’s the Buffy fan, though.
Okay, end highjack. As soon as I get my new scanner up and running, I’m going to scan some of my latest embroidery-I’ve been trying some art nouveau designs, and so far so good.

We have a very Tiffanyesque lamp-I don’t know if it’s the real deal, but it certainly is pretty! I saw a handmirror in one of my endless catalogues and it was only 24 dollars. And they had a GORGEOUS full sized velvet shawl that features Mucha’s Zodiac Panneau. Wait, lemme see if I can’t find them.

Mucha shawl

Art Nouveau Hand Mirror

Oh, I adore Art Nouveau! I have a 1918 calling-card receptical that was my grandparents’ wedding gift–I keep my hairpins in it. It’s a bronze bowl held aloft by two art nouveau maidens.

Also a couple of very heavy old picture frames, done in swirly nouveau metal castings.

Why am I not surprised that Eve likes Art Nouveau?

Galle is also famous for marquetry furniture.

Also recently got this repro MacIntosh floor lamp from a company in the USA; I was a bit worried how it would look, but actually, the quality is pretty good for the price (US $80!):

I was candyperfumegirl forever ago, but I left. It got too teen-y there, for a while. Plus, that Kate chick wouldn’t stop ragging on Madonna, and it made me a little hot under the collar.

/end hijack

I blame Art Nouveau for my obsession with using red/yellow and
blue/green colour schemes in all my home decorating ideas. And for my inexplicable lust after bathroom tiles that have peacock designs on them.

When my ship comes in… I am decorating my entire house in Art Nouveau. Right now all I have are framed prints; The Mucha one and a reprint of an Italian poster for Madama Butterfly.

I will have my whole house in AN someday-except for one room that will be like a Victorian Grandmother’s Parlor.

I like dragonflies, myself. Lots and lots of dragonflies.

WOW-you ARE a part of SAAN history!

There are some AMAZING Mucha prints up in the Fillmore in San Francisco…I drool every time I go there for a concert.

And I just got two Maxfield Parrish original lithographs on ebay. In fact…scuse me, I want to go look at them again.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot my favourite AN story - I bought tickets to an advance screening of Evita in Toronto. As I was walking up the street towards the theatre (and the lunch reservation that was waiting for me at the Thai place across the street), I passed by a tiny gallery that happened to be exhibiting original De Lempickas. I took 30 minutes out of my delicious Thai lunch to ogle the paintings. They were effing incredible. I couldn’t believe my luck!
PS Guin, I can’t believe you remember who I was at SAAN. I didn’t embarass myself too much there, did I? It’s all a blur.

Eh…somebody help me out here. I thought de Lempicka was associated with Art Deco rather than Art Nouveau?

But hey, anyone feel like going back a few years to the Arts and Crafts movement? How 'bout some William Morris wallpaper?

Art Deco is kind of a late offshoot of Art Nouveau, but found more inspiration in streamlined, machine designs rather than the flowing organic lines of Art Nouveau. Similar theoretical principles, but a very different look. So Lempicka’s definitely more Art Deco than Art Nouveau, strictly speaking.

However, I’ve never heard of Manet as being Art Nouveau. Some of Signac’s work comes close, but I can’t think of anything by Manet that’s remotely Art Nouveau.

Anyway, I absolutely love Art Nouveau. I would love to have an entirely Art Nouveau house–interior designed by Horta or Mackintosh, furniture by van de Velde and Guimard (the latter designed the famous Art Nouveau metro entrances in Paris), paintings by Klimt, prints by Mucha, and books designed by Beardsley. That’s my dream house.

Unfortunately, my GF doesn’t share that dream–so maybe I’ll have to settle for a dream room instead.

This is the most expensive decorating place in town: Charles Rupert

Worth every penny, of course; beautifully done reproduction tiles, wallpapers, vases, sconces, lamps, whatever; it was started 20 years ago by an English couple who bought a large Arts & Crafts house that was slated for demolition by a developer and completely restored it to its original glory (over 8 years).

They had difficulty finding suppliers for quality restoration materials, so wound up opening their own shop!

It is, as the kids say, the shiznit.

A William Morris umbrella would be very nice, but can’t quite justify spending $120 (CDN) on one when I’ve got about 6 perfectly serviceable ordinary umbrellas kicking around…

I have a book called Art Nouveau and The Erotic, by Ghislane Wood, published in 2000 by Harry N. Abrams Inc.

In the introduction, there is a plate of ‘Olympia’ and the author cites it as an example of the sexualizing of female portraiture during the AN movement don’t I feel smart now.

And, being the coarse plebe I am, I lump AN and AD together. Blame my lazy Art History teacher.