Art project/supplies

I don’t know what this stuff would be called, so I have no idea what to even search for. I am hoping someone will recognize what I am describing and give me the official name.

When I was a kid, I had a craft/art project that was similar to a paint-by-number set, except it used some sort of powdered material (I am guessing a fine felt-like material, but I have no idea).

The picture was on a piece of sticky cardboard that had paper on top of it, and it was pressed by a sharp stencil that cut the different shapes on the picture. When you wanted to use a color, you peeled back the sections of paper that had that number on it, and you exposed a sticky section underneath that you could sprinkle the colored felt-dust onto.

Once the first color was down, you moved onto the second color and removed those sections of paper, exposed the sticky part of the cardboard, and repeated the process. Lather, rinse and repeat until your picture was complete. The entire piece of cardboard was coated with the sticky surface… And when you were finished, there were no exposed sticky sections.

I know this description stinks, but it’s the best I can do.

Anyone know what I am thinking of, and is there a name for this?



I think you nailed it in one!

Just did a google, and you may be onto something. I never heard that word before (well, in an arts & crafts sense, anyway.)


I think that’s it. I’ve never seen that particular project, but when I was doing woodworking I’d use a special air gun to apply flock to wet glue.

Some wallpaper contains flocking.

Interesting discovery… Flocking.

I never heard of the spray gun application, but just watched a youtube video of a guy who flocked his dashboard. This seems to be fairly popular, as they sell kits specially designed for this application.

I am not sure how this stuff looks and/or would function in that type of application. I am curious if anyone could tell me how flocking holds up on a seat, dashboard, or anything like that.

I think for arts and crafts, it would work fine. And I do remember the small kit I had came in a small box, just like the paint by number kits they made at the same time. My kit didn’t have any appication tool. There were small bags of the stuff I would open and “dust” on the exposed sticky portion of the canvas. It worked pretty well, and color mixing really wasn’t an issue at all. Still, I haven’t located any kits like the one I remember as a kid, so I wonder if those even exist any longer, or it has graduated to different applications.

About ten years ago “embossing powder” was a thing, too. That required a heat gun, iirc.

I remember my nieces, who are now 15 and 16, playing with kits like this. Can’t remember the brand name.

I have done some googling and have come up empty.

If you (or anyone) remember, please post.

I probably need a brand name to find an example, but I am pretty sure what I had was a flocking kit of some kind.
There are some videos on youtube showing car seats being flocked, and this is an application I don’t really understand. I would think the felt would wear off rather quickly, but perhaps the glue and flocking material is a permanent texturing technique.

I just posted a question about this on Facebook. I’ll let everyone know if I get a response.