Velvet on paper?

I’m doing some freelance design work. One of my clients is a retailer with a psychedelic bent. I want to design business cards that are like blacklight posters. So I need to find a way to get velvet put onto paper.

This has surely been done before. We’ve all received Christmas cards with white velvet snow on them, right?

I cannot for the life of my find a way to make this happen. Does anyone out there have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

I’m thinkin’ some sort of flocking would be the most inexpensive way to do this.

Yes; but I cannot find a printer anywhere who flocks. I search and only find flocking equipment for sale.

Tell him he can go flock himself.

Seriously. Anyone who can help me track down a flocking printer will be eligible to receive a free fuzzy business card in the mail.

Wintech offers a flocked paper that they call SuedePaper.

Using the Kompass search engine, and the terms “flock printing services”, I find 14 vendors in the U.K.

But oddly, none in the U.S.

Hm. I’m sure that says something about taste, but I’m not sure what.