Recommend a vendor for company Xmas cards?

Yeah, it’s that time of year. I’m in charge of ordering Christmas cards for my company. One boss will order 225 or so, the other 25 or so. Last year I used Modern Postcard. And while they were cheap, they looked cheap IMO. I get all the catalogs (ie - from Holiday Classics), but they are all comparably priced. That is to say, about 70% higher than Modern Postcard.

I am looking for a better match of higher quality than Modern Postcard, but lower prices than Holiday Classics and their ilk. Do you have a vendor you like that you would recommend? What do you like about them? What kind of costs are we looking at? Somewhere between $189 for 250 and $359 for 250 is what I’m looking for. Plus they will print a message on the card and print the envelopes.

Thoughts? Doesn’t have to be a web outfit. If you have a local printer that can do this, I’d consider them, also.