Arthur Jensen is not dead...

…no wait. Yes, he is. And only 20 days after Philippe Rushton went to the big “whites only club” in the sky.

Sorry for bumping this thread, I just wanted to add that I’m sure the current director of the Pioneer fund Robert Travis Osborne will be the next to go. He’s 99 years old! This is a man who was testifying in courts against desegregationwhen he was friggin 50! That’s like double my age! De-freaking-segregation. Christ. It’s difficult to fully understand how much these racialists are like time portals. Breathing fossils.

I’m reminded of Strom Thurmond who was alive and kicking until recently. In the early 2000s I was amazed that a living and serving U.S. Senator had run for President on a segregationist platform – in 1948!