Wait... ______ is still alive?

Is this a counterpoint to the Celebrity Death Pool thread? I don’t know. But I was just surprised to find out that Sam the Sham is still alive.

It’s certainly similar to the Abe Vigoda thread in Cafe Society — but that’s okay!

Forgot about that one. But this thread need not focus on actors; just any ‘known’ person.

This is Feodor Dostoevsky’s 200th birthday.

He’s evidently slowing down, since he hasn’t published any N.Y. Times bestsellers lately.

Well what good is that if the Pharoahs are all dead? (-:

I was surprised to find out that Tom Lehrer is still alive. He’s 92. Tony Bennett is 94, and still performs.

Another one: Ed Ames, who was the guy who threw the tomahawk on that old ‘Best of Carson’ clip show in the early B&W Carson era and starred in Daniel Boone, is still alive at 94.

If you haven’t seen the clip I’m taliing about, here you go:

Unfortunately, the damned thumbnail for the clip kind of spoils it. And my calling attention to that makes it worse… Still, a classic.

Bully for him.



(Discourse won’t let me post without a complete sentence.)

Bob Dole is 98 years old. Jimmy Carter, who ran for President 20 years before Dole did, is 97. By contrast, Michael Dukakis is a spring chicken at age 88.

Well, I’m alive at 67. But do not expect to make it to 83.


I recently turned 76. I honestly never thought I’d live this long.

Bad thread idea. Basically what it’s about is “I’m not paying attention”.

Yes people get old, some die sooner than others.

I really dislike reading YouTube user comments on old film clips. Read enough of them, and you’re bound to come upon someone who just has to write “These people are dead now!”.

Actually, Bennett announced his retirement in August.

Two other old time rockers who are still alive are Chubby Checker (80) and Jerry Lee Lewis (86). These guys had hits before I was born and I’m old.

Not necessarily. In many cases, most even, there’s little reason for very elderly former public figures to remain public figures.

People may be naturally curious about names they used to hear all the time. I myself looked up Bob Dole relatively recently when something reminded me of him, and was surprised to find he is still hanging on.

So you pay attention to whether Ed Ames is still alive? Look up Sam the Sham regularly to see if he’s still with us?

I like this thread. I find it comforting to know people who were adults when I was a kid are still alive.

Buzz Aldrin is 91.
Bob Barker is 97.


He was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s about 5 years ago.

Quick, Hatchie:

  • Julie Newmar
  • Edwin Newman
  • Stanley Kramer

Dead or alive?

Just want to see if you’re paying attention.


I saw a t-shirt I wish I’d bought: “If I knew I’d live this long, I’d have taken better care of myself!” No kidding!

This won’t mean anything to any of you, but my husband’s Aunt Edna is 98 or 99, and I was sure she’d died. He has another aunt still alive at 94.

Brooks Robinson is 84. I remember watching him play for the Orioles when I was a kid - I’d have thought he was a lot older. I did just look him up to see if he had died. On the other hand, Frank Robinson died 2 years ago at 83. I think I remember hearing about that, but I haven’t lived in Baltimore for 40 years, and I don’t keep up on local sports legends.