Arthur Wright Beemis

Is anyone familiar with this obsure SCI-FI author?

My only reference to him is in a book by Ron Goulart, who says that the Beemis estate had selected him (Goulart) had been selected to finish a number of Beemis’s unfinished stories.

Apparently, he wrote stories similar to those of Edwin Lester Arnold and Edgar Rice Burroughs. His hero (whose name I don’t recall, although it seems as though it was something like “Hyacinth,” which is a rather macho-sounding name) ends up on the planet Venus after standing too close to a pool, and the evaporating water took him up with it.

(Arnold’s Gulliver Jones got to Mars on a flying carpet, and Burroughs’s John Carter heard a “snap.”)

In the 20+ years that I came across this story in a Ron Goulart book, I have yet to come across any other reference to this author–or any of the stories that Goulart had been tasked with finishing.

Anyone familiar with this dude?

Never heard of him, but Edgar Rice Burroughs
is one of my favorites.
**At The Earth’s Core **
and **The Gods Of Mars And The Warlord Of Mars ** stand out.


I’ve known Ron Goulart for years, and I gotta tell you that “Arthur Wright Beemis” has the stench of “Goulart Hoax” all over him. I’ll lay you a dollar to a doughnut that Beemis is a product of Goulart’s, shall we say, fecund imagination…a device for presenting an all-Goulart work as a tale of more profound provenance.

(Incidentally, over a year after you helped me out with the title of William O. Steele’s THE SPOOKY THING, I managed to find a copy online from a small used bookshop in Ohio. It arrived last week, I read it to the kids with REAL enjoyment all round…god, the use of the southern Appalachia dialect is superb…and I just wanted to thank you again on behalf of myself, little Pianola, and little Banjo.)

Thanks, Uke, and don’t mention it. BTW, if you check back in, I was able to get my hands on three–and only three–Tomfoolery cartoons. . . .