Article claims McCain is infatuated with Palin - It would explain a lot

I’m not a Palin fan by any means, but there’s no denying that she’s an attractive woman to many men. She’s well put together with a nice shape, fearless, with a nuthless edge. Is McCain infatuated with her as this article claims?

I think it’s quite possible. It would explain a lot.

Virility? That is close to the last thing I think about when I see McCain. Truly when I look at McCain I picture shuffleboard or Bacce Ball not virility. However, it’s no surprise that McCain would find Palin attractive, but I don’t know if it can get translated into his campaign.

Well, this throws into doubt everything I always believed about Narcissus. I thought it was himself he loved.

Interesting. It’s a lot more involved than I had thought.

I think that’s at least as likely as the theory that he picked her because she was shorter than he was.

I read the article. That is the evidence that the author uses to conclude that McCain is infatuated with Palin?

I could fill a thimble with that evidence and still have room left over for a fingertip.

I’ve always gotten the impression that she disgusts him. A few times, particularly early in the campaign, he would get this expression on his face at the mere mention of her name that I can only describe as terror and revulsion. He would try to veil it with a smile and enthusiastic pro-Palin talk, but I think he’s lying through his teeth. The fact that their campaigns and policy-positions have been so wildly divergent lately only further confirms my theory. They probably can’t stand each other.

Which points to the fact that McCain is very much shorter than Obama. Now, since we all know that the taller candidate ALWAYS wins, this election is a foregone collusion and I don’t see what all the whining, arguing and knashing of teeth is all about.

So many threads to choose from, but I thought I’d post this here. It’s priceless.

I think she was primarily chosen to get Hillary voters.

Not so much that the taller one always wins, but that it looks better on TV if the candidate is taller than the VP candidate. Gore was noticeably taller than Clinton, and they had to use some clever forced-perspective and camera placement to limit the impact of that.

That could be gas.

Pro click.

according to, Clinton is Six Foot Two and Gore is Six Foot One.

… see? It’s working even better than they planned.

Sorry, I got nuthin’.

Since we’re talking about height:

Obama, at 6’1.5," is 6 1/2 inches taller than McCain (5’7"). That’s the biggest disparity between candidates since at least 1896. Since the 1896 McKinley-Bryan election, the bigest height deficit any winner has overcome is the 4 inches Kerry had over Bush. So McCain would be bucking a trend as far as that goes.

Cite here.

Oh right, the thread topic. I was so happy to have an excuse to bring up that height chart that I forgot to say that I think this thread showed up the same day as this thread.

I guess I’m still the only one who thinks Cindy MCcain is hot as well. I think she would make an outstanding Dominatrix.

Also I can picture Sarah and Cindy going at it. I need help, I know.

Really? I don’t thiink so. Clinton was approx 6.25 - 6.3 and Gore were pretty much the same or a bit shorter,

Ah, so you admit that you DO think about it?