Artist of "Strike A Pose" song?

I thought this song was Paula Abdul, but the radio recently played this song back-to-back with a Paula Abdul song…and this station doesn’t play blocks of music. So, who is it?

Not saying it’s a good song; just want to know for my own curiosity. - Jinx

Are you thinking “Vogue” buy Madonna?

Wow. I’ve never seen anyone not know a classic Madonna song. Paula Abdul? Dear lord! Did she even do anything besides dance with a cartoon cat?

Her other hits included “Cold-Hearted Snake,” “Straight Up,” “Forever Your Girl” and “Rush, Rush.” She was also a Laker Girl, choreographer for the Laker Girls and choreographer for a number of music videos including Janet Jackson’s “Nasty” (in which she also appeared. She was married to Emilio Estevez for a while and currently is a judge on “American Idol.”

If you weren’t already, Otto, you certainly would have just outed yourself. :wink:

Paula Abdul really was freakishly successful.