Artist/Song on new iPod Ad - and how should I've found out?

There’s a new iPod TV ad, featuring a stack of the new, squarer-shaped video iPods. There is a woman singing, featured in a video showing on the iPods, as they are removed from the stack one at a time.

Who is the artist and what is the song? I tried to find it on both iTunes Youtube and couldn’t find it. Besides asking Dopers - and thanks by the way for any answers you provide - is there an easier way to find this out that I have missed? It feels like there should be…

It’s FEIST. I gogled the first 3-4 words of the song, that’s how I found it.

Your best bet for Apple commercials is They usually host 'em there too.

Looks like 1234 by Fiest if that’s the ad you’re talking about. Enjoy!

Thanks! I didn’t think to try to memorize the song lyrics and Google them - I will keep that in mind.

as a side note, I thought it might be Feist, which is why I wanted to find out…

We’re here for you!

Just wanted to pop in and say that I love Feist. She’s great… that song is fun, as is “Mushaboom” from her last album. She’s also done a lot of singing with Broken Social Scene.

Adtunes is a blog about music in commercials the the adtunes forums are awesome. Those guys can figure out anything.