Artists- show your work!

It seems like it’s been a while since we’ve had one of these threads, so I thought I’d start one.

You can see my paintings here. Thisis one of my recent ones I’m proud of. I’ve been painting for three years now. I’ve never taken any lessons and I just do it for fun. Feel free to offer criticism if you want, you’re not going to hurt my feelings and advice is always welcomed.

I know there’s other artists out there on the SDMB. Anyone else have some stuff they wanna show?

Cool stuff! When I was paging through your album, I homed right in on the penguin painting!

I want to put Wind, Windmill, and Forest together as a triptych.

I don’t know nuthin’ ‘bout paintin’ paintings, but I will comment upon the fact that you are prolific. I definitely think the way to improve and refine your style is to produce, produce, produce. (If you’ve never done Thing-a-Day, I highly recommend it!)

I’m very fired up about some new stuff I’m doing, but I’ve got no photos. I’ll take some and post tomorrow.

I drew these in grade school during class when I was king of the geeks, who else would design their own starships?

Thanks freckafree! Penguin is my current favorite; I have it hanging above my fireplace right now.

And you are definitely right on having to continually work on stuff to get better. It’s still looks obvious to me that I’m self taught, but I think I have gotten better over the three years. I’ve thought about doing Thing-A-Day but never have actually done it.

And definitely show off what you have once you’ve taken pictures. I’d love to see your work.

I honestly love these. I’m an engineer, and I’ve thought about making some screen prints or paintings of some engineering diagram or something, because I think diagrams look cool, but I never would have thought of making space ships. I really love your starships.

Yes, I lead the exciting, fast-paced, glamorous life of a professional artist; a fact my fame, incredible wealth, and household name recognition should attest to. :wink:

I thought this one, titled “Montelos, Vaquero!” turned out just terrific.

I’ve had it in a gallery show, a co-op that I was briefly a member of, and two different outdoor festivals. During those shows plenty of work that I wasn’t anywhere near as pleased with sold, but, despite all of the “oooohhhhs” and “aahhhhs” and "I just adore it!"s, nobody has bought it. I’ve sold zillions of prints of it, but the original is still in a rack in the studio.

Did you actually paint that portrait in the top row there? That’s well cool.

Here’s one. Not by me, but by me daughter. I don’t think it’s a typical kid’s drawing, although I am obviously biased.

That’s really nice, Scifisam. How old is your daughter? The line quality and composition is lovely.

Here are mine. I’m working on re-doing my website right now, and some of the newest stuff isn’t up yet, but you get the gist.

Renee, your watercolors are beautiful!

I like your piece, too, Jettboy. It never ceases to amaze me what gets the attention at shows vs. what sells.

Here’s some of my new stuff. OK, first, I took a workshop with Sherry Serafini, and I produced this piece.

Then, in this thread, I got some great advice on how to cut glass into smaller pieces. I used said advice to produce these three pieces, which are convertible brooch/pendants. (The green and black ones aren’t finished. They are lacking the beaded edging.)

And then, because I now am totally in love with bead embroidery, I also made this bracelet.

My metaphorical self-portrait.

Can we count sculpting?

I’m an amateur

I’ve never sold any of my art although I’ve been awarded prizes for it.

Every one of my art pieces have been destroyed so all I have are pictures.

I’m not upset about the destruction. It’s part of the natural order of things.

Earlier this year I drew a three-pieces series themed “Animals and body parts”:

  1. Bird builds nest on heart:

  2. Whale jumps over tooth:

  3. Cat plays with intestines:

Love it! :slight_smile:

I remember you showing your stuff before; I like your work. Especially Little Red Bird.

Those are impressive, I like them. It looks like intricate work.

Sculpting definitely counts, even temporary sculpture. I’ve always thought that sand castle sculptures are really cool, and I like what you have pictured. I’m especially impressed by the arches. It all looks like a lot of fun.

These are really good! I like the simplicity of them, they are well done.

If we’re doing sculpting, I took a course as a freshman that turned out to be pretty fun.

Abstract alabaster thingy

Cat girl (clay)

Flying snakes (wire, beads, & random objects)

Most of my stuff is on Deviant Art:

Such great work! I love seeing what others have created.

None of these are recent, my digital camera is not working, but I thought I’d dust them off & show what I have done in the past.

top of box:

front of same box:

Most all od the abopve are painted wooden boxes, but the one below is a Breyer model horse I repainted to an Appaloosa/Pinto crossbred:


Here’s a few of mine-

So what do you think? BTW, I have a Masters in painting.

Wow, lots of talent on this board!

I have been working in colored pencil since the late 80’s. Then about 5 years ago, I switched back to clay sculpture and handbuilt pottery. You can see some of my clay pieces here:


Freckafree, I absolutely love your work, especially that first one. I can’t imagine doing something so intricate and having it come out looking so perfect. Very cool.