Artsy Dopers: know anything about Daniel Wall?

We have come to possess an original painting by Daniel Wall. I like it quite a bit and it looks great in the house. I was wondering does anyone has any knowledge of his work? Is it well regarded? Is he well known? Is his work worth anything? Or anything else you got.

Congratulations on your acquisition!

The most important thing about a piece of art is that you enjoy it; everything else is a distant secondary bit of trivia.

ETA: For his “intense impressionism” pieces, Mr. Wall charges more than I would gladly pay. Cite.

I will say it cost considerably less than his website quotes for originals.

I guess no one here knows about him. That’s ok. I still like the painting.

It’s not that no one knows about him. If these paintings are representative of his work, I’ll be tactful and not comment on them.

I get a slight Kinkade-visits-the-Musée-d’Orsay vibe from those.

When I don’t get a straight up Kinkade vibe, that is…look, it’s a house that’s on fire inside and everything. Truly, the Great Masters never really die.

What an interesting example of tact.

I get it you. I get things.

Like many paintings that rely on heavy brush work seeing a 2D picture really doesn’t give you the right feel. They look completey different in person. The one we have isn’t nearly as bright as the ones shown. It is a night scene of an outdoor cafe with hints of rain on the street.

That is the first I’ve seen of anything like that from him.

Oh, he has others.

And I’m all for manifestos, they always make for amusing reading but seriously? “Intense Impressionism” and “Extreme Impressionism” are the self-coined genre titles of a douchebag.