How have I missed this artist for so long?

I even have this as my wallpaper.

Then I found these.

I am stunned at their beauty.

Well, no offense (seriously), but I guess that just goes to show you how subjective art is. I think those are hideous.

I guess that’s why they make vanilla and chocolate! Not really my taste either!

Ya know, in hindsight, I hope my response didn’t come across as condescending or anything, because I really didn’t mean for it to. I really am fascinated by the extremes of opinions art can bring.

I like 'em. I’m not as taken as you are ivylass, but I like 'em. Certainly they can’t be called hideous

No worries, Ana, no offense taken. I know all art is YMMV.

Yeah, but now I’m feeling bad. It clearly moved you quite a bit; I probably could have disagreed with you without going so far as using the word ‘hideous’. :slight_smile:

Don’t fred, ana. I’m not upset.

What art do you like?

I think they’re kind of nice. But nothing that sets me on fire, or anything.

But as a wallpaper? Ugh. Busy wallpapers are NOT good.

Good, I’m glad I didn’t offend.

I love John Singer Sargent; “Rehearsal of the Pasdeloup Orchestra…” has always been one of my favorites. Marc Chagall is another artist I love. Many of the impressionists: Seurat, Monet, Manet.

I think Ms. Wall’s work is quite nice. I’d even consider buying a couple of the pieces at the second link.

ivylass, if you like this sort of thing, may I recommend Ragen Mendenhall? I have two of her prints: [url=]Rosa and The Thirteenth Hour, but much of her work is similar (and even better, IMO) to Wall’s work.

Sorry about the bad links… they still work, sort of. :confused:

By the way, there is another site for Josephine Wall, which looks more complete and more informative, here. Much more user-friendly.

Avalonian, I can’t access that site from work. I’ll have to wait until I get home.

Busy wallpapers don’t bother me, because at work I always have a minumum of 7 windows open that I flip back and forth through. So it’s nice to shrink all of them and then get a nice surprise when my desktop shows.

I love the detail of it.

Wow. I’d never seen that before. I love it.

The Josephine Wall stuff is cool too (really), but all that visual stimulation confuses my brain. I’m a “simple shapes, clean lines” kinda girl, I guess.

Not quite my cup of tea…a bit bleak for me.

Still, who wants to live in a world where we all have the same tastes? :slight_smile:

Quite right ivy. It’s all Eye of the Beholder.

and now for a shameless plug, :smiley: here is some of my work. Let me know what you think, positive or negative.

They’re good, photopat. Some of them remind me of those closeups of everyday items, where you’re supposed to guess what the object is.

Very stark and crisp. Almost eerie and haunting, some of them, like Breakwater and Rising From the Depths.

I really like those. Especially leaves. It reminds me of electron microscopy.

Veneer is excellent, photopat. Good work.