As a bleeding heart liberal commie. The newest episode of Top Gear has...

… been very confusing for me.

Firstly, their bit on cars produced by communist countries has made the point that in communism there is no such thing as competition.

I have always disliked competition at a personal level because a very small number of people reap the benefits of winning.

But at a corporate level, competition is clearly an excellent thing because it’s how we the consumers end up with excellent products. Not good for those who lose, but their employees can move elsewhere.

Secondly, For what they reperesent, I don’t like a single conservative or republican. But for their persona I like precisely one conservative - Boris Johnson. And I also like the show’s pseudo (and probably actual) conservative lead presenter - Jerremy Clarkson. I am loving the banter between these two people.

I also quite like the two policies that have been mentioned by Boris in this banter - allowing cyclists and motorcycles to use bus lanes, and phasing out bendy-buses.

I need a shower.

Maybe the quote by Albert Einstein is true. Paraphrased…

If you are not a liberal in your youth you have no heart.

If you are not a conservative in your old age you have no brain.

Personally I think having a brain is what makes me a liberal, but there you go.

By the by, I’ve never seen that quote* attributed to Einstein before. Pretty much everyone else - mainly Churchill - but never Einstein.

From now on every Top Gear road test should include a chase through a shopping mall and storming a beach with the Royal Marines.

ETA: *To save time Googling; originally Francois Guisot, revived by Georges Clemenceau.

I sort of knew the Quote wasn’t actually Einstein (though my latest encounter with it attributed it to him) as it doesn’t strike me as the kind of thing Einstein would say.

I agree about the road tests. This was an awesome show. The last two needed a show to redeem them.

Here’s the kind of thing he would say, however. Just for th’ record.

And I believe it was “socialist,” not “liberal.”