As a Sci-Fi fan would I like Netflix?

I gather Netflix has all the Star Trek series (Except DS9). That alone makes me almost want to join.

What else does Netflix have to offer in the way of Sci-Fi?

I assume you mean Instant Watch. Just picking a few on my own queue I have:
Blade Runner
Doctor Who
Stargate SG1 and Universe

I say it’s got a pretty decent selection. And I think DS9 is coming soon.

Because of Netflix, my wife has been able to see many of my fave sci-fi movies and tv from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. Some of it cheesy and fun, some of it classic and interesting, but all of it sci-fi. Some of it she’s really liked. As for the rest, she says now she knows why about certain things I say and do.


Streaming? Yep, it’s worth it for Sci-fi/Fantasy.
They have Legend of the Seeker, too.

They have Farscape.

You’ve also got the whole run of The Twilight Zone, most of which is extremely corny but some of which is truly classic.

Battlestar Galactica - the newer one with Edward James Olmos.

Most importantly, they have episodes of Doctor Who.

Update: It was listed by enalzi, but it is important enough to list on it’s own.

I have a friend that loved that. She ended up listening to all the books.

She also likes Robin Hood and Merlin.

The is also a fair amount of Sci-fi on Hulu.

And Torchwood!

I was given a gift subscription a while back and the first 3 movies I looked for they didn’t have. All nerd faves. (Like The Race for the Double Helix, which is more Science Fact rather than Science Fiction.) Not available on DVD.

I very quickly exhausted their supply of interesting (to me) SF movies. Ended up renting a bunch of 60s low budget exploitation films for fun just to run out the clock. So it’s really hit or miss, with a lot of miss. Not all of which is their fault.