As God is my witness, I believed mice could fly

Or: there are too many motherfuckin’ snakes on this motherfuckin’ island.

Or come up with your own headline.

here i come to save the day

Snake1: Ouch! That mouse landed on my head. Now I’ve got a headache!

Snake 2: Eat a mouse. They’re full of pain relievers!

Hmmm… they can’t really shout out the normal warning when dropping stuff from above.

Does the cardboard make it buffered asprin?

When the choppers are approaching the island, do they play Ben over the loudspeakers?

Rx - “Take two mice and call me in the morning.”


I knew the snakes were a problem, but if it got to this point where drug-filled dead mice thrown from airplanes, it’s the armageddon.
The radio transmitters give it a sci-fi feels.

REVENGE: Kamikaze mice apply post-mortem whoopping. “You had it comin’”

Murine will get that out!

As opposed to dropping them from automobiles, which would make it carmageddon…thanks, tip the waitress.

The last time they tried something like this, it was a disaster. The U.S. Navy tried the idea of dropping bats with incendiary bombs tied to them on Japan. Most of the bats, refrigerated to kept them dormant, never woke up and splatted into the ground:

Snake1: Die, fledermaus!

Serious question: What would induce a snake to eat a dead mouse strapped to a piece of cardboard?

Wouldn’t the mouse need to be alive to be regarded as prey? And wouldn’t the cardboard interfere with ingestion?

Twenty snakes per acre and they’re worried about it? Brazil’s Ilha de Queimada Grande has an average snake density of five snakes per square meter. And they’re venomous.

We’re logistics, we just deliver the mice.

Marketing is in charge of whatever is printed on the cardboard in order to sell the product. You’ll have to ask them, they’re two doors down.

::Makes note to never go to Brazil’s Ilha de Queimada Grande.::

Why was I thinking of Marley23’s user title when I read the article?

This just in:

Tylenol futures soar on the wings of mice…

I’ve had dead mice sandwiched between two pieces of cardboard before. I never went back to those restaurants again.

I don’t know the particulars of wild snakes, but the corn snake I’m currently caring for will more than happily devour thawed frozen (dead) mice.

Aw c’mon… who could resist?

Thanks, do you have to wiggle 'em or do the snakes just go for it?

ETA lieu :smiley: