US gov't to air-drop toxic mice on Guam snakes

The headline says it all

If this is carpet rather than precision bombing, because hitting a snake on the head with a dead mouse from even a few hundred feet up has got to be tough, they’re going to need a hell of a lot of mice.

Drone warfare! Think of all those poor, innocent baby snakes! It’s not their fault they’re snakes!

First, picturing this is gruesomely amusing. Picturing someone confronted with the rain of dead mice who hasn’t heard about it in advance is even more so.

Second, how long do you suppose it will be before someone figures out how to smoke and/or snort mice?*

*Edit: Bummer. On actually reading the article carefully, I see the painkiller in question is just acetaminophen. No high snakes or mice-pipes. Just a new headache remedy. Take two mice and call me in the morning.

Laser-guided smart mice.

There has to be a better way to deal with this problem. Dropping poisoned mice? Really? [del] Every other hungry animal on the island is as likely to eat the bait as the snakes are.[/del] OK, I see they are adding mini-parachute like things to hand the dead mice in tree branches. Adds comedic value.

Why not pay a bounty for dead snakes? Let the locals solve the problem and earn a buck in the process.

The bounty idea is okay, but within a week, you’d have people setting up clandestine snake farms.

Except that (a) the mice will be dropped with rigs that tangle in foliage, keeping them in the treetops, and (b) the snakes have already eaten everything else up there that might eat the mice.

Streamers are attached that’ll catch in the forest canopy right where snakes live. The other animal at risk, birds, are mostly wiped out already.

So really they’re more military grade multiply tamponed smart mice.

Why would a dead mouse need a pain killer?

Huh? Oh. never mind…

Won’t the snake problem be solved when the island capsizes? What’s the rush?

Resurrect Saint Patrick.

And for years the forest canopy will be littered with tiny mouse parachutes.

And does a parachuting mouse squeak “Mickey!” as it plummets towards the ground?

Of course not, it’s dead.

Not at all; it’s tired and shagged out following a prolonged squeak.

You know, I have one simple request - and that is to have mice with frickin’ Tylenol attached to their heads.

Oh, we can do that? Cool.

So they are going to save the birds by dropping poisoned mice into the trees? Are these mice going to have little signs around their necks reading "Snake Food Only!, to stop the birds from gobbling them up?

Hey, read the thread. Lots of people have already answered this question.

I’m glad they are doing something. The loss of the birds in Guam is a real tragedy, and if we were to lose more Pacific island species it would be even worse. I hope this campaign is successful.

This sparked my mind. I wonder if the mice are dead because of the painkillers. In other words, they’ve been slipped…a mickey.