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Happy Firday!

Cold morning at the park. My phone app said 48 degrees and rain, so I left my hat and gloves at home.
It was freezing because of the wind. What little sprinkles there were felt like ice hitting my face.
By the time I got home, it was 40 feels like 31 degrees.
The temp has been slowly dropping all day.
It’s now 36 feels like 25. Brrrr!
I have to take my son to irk or I wouldn’t be setting foot outside the door.

Only three of us showed up early this morning. One came later.
Then a new person came and for whatever reason one of our regulars didn’t like him. Nothing physical, but there was a lot of verbal aggression going on. Regular left as he was getting ready to leave anyway. He just waited until new dog got in the park. Taking one out while another is coming in, and the rest of the pack is at the gate waiting to mob the newcomer can get a little chaotic.
Then for whatever reason Echo decided she doesn’t like the new dog either. So, we left.
The poor woman who brought in the new dog apologized. I told her it’s not her dog, the other regular had been getting ready to leave anyway, that Echo is sometimes a problem with dogs she doesn’t know, and I was freezing as I had already been there for over an hour.

Tree didn’t get cut down today as it was too windy.
They are supposed to come tomorrow morning to cut it down.
I’m debating taking the brats to daycare, as it won’t be safe for them to go outside. They’ll be taking the gates out, a cherry picker will be in the yard, and 4 men with chainsaws will be doing their thing. I’ll need to park out front and hope I can get a spot.
The new neighbors across the street, it looks like an extended family moved into both sides of the duplex. Yesterday they put cones in some of the parking spots, I guess to save them for their guests. I hope all the cars are gone by tomorrow and I can park in front of my own house.
I thought they were pretty cool people until they pulled that asshole move.

Ooopsie, I hurt just reading your post. I’ve had abdominal surgery twice, cut from hip to hip both times. I know the pain. My doctor told me that for every bruise you see on the outside, there is a corresponding bruise on the inside.
I hear you with missing your dog too. While I enjoy being able to get stuff done on doggie daycare day, I miss them too. The house feels empty without them.

Doesn’t matter what the tree looks like, having fun is the important part.
I don’t decorate, too lazy to be bothered. It can be fun putting everything out, but no fun at all putting it all away. I gave almost everything I have away anyway. The less stuff in my house the happier I am.

I wouldn’t mind a few bassets sitting on my lap. I love basset hounds.
I don’t want one though, I don’t want any hounds, but I love them.
All those years of pet sitting gave me a good idea of what I do and don’t want in a dog.
I had a mastiff at that time. I would come home smelling of other dogs, and he would amble over, take a sniff, and give me the sad ‘how could you?’ look. I felt like I was cheating on him every time I went to irk.

I have never gone out shopping on a Black Firday, and I’m not about to start now.

I have a frozen Hungry Man dinner (don’t judge!) about ready to go, and am watching more “Lucifer” on Netflix.

All y’all have yourselves a nice evening.

That sounds exhausting. you can’t properly recover if you can’t rest :frowning:

I had a laparoscopic tubal when I was 18 and it was amazing to me that those itty bitty incisions could hurt so much.

I saw my doctor to go over the results of my MRIs and bone density scan and the results are not good. The degenerative disc disease now involves all of my lumbar discs, the bursa on my left hip is larger and because I’ve been compensating when I walk, now I have a tear in my right hip and she wants me back on my cane permanently.

I’ll be seeing a spine surgeon in a couple of weeks but back surgery is very scary and I probably won’t do it until I can’t make it to the mailbox without seizing up do to the pain.

I love basset hounds, I could spend hours running their ears through my fingers, oh so soft. We only had one dog because we both worked and thought it wasn’t fair to get a dog to leave in the yard 10 hours a day. Now we are in the cat habit and will probably never have another dog.

I’ve got a walking harness for George, we’ve been practicing with it so we can do leash walks in the back yard, once around the yard is all I can do anymore.

Hiya, everyone. I spent so much time on the phone dealing with family issues–my messed-up nephew with OCD and other issues and other stuff–that I didn’t get to the gym, and I really need to. My nephew can be a very frustrating person, and not due to the OCD. It’s dark now, and the busiest time at the gym, which means I wouldn’t be able to get a machine for weight training. Tomorrow! I put away two grocery orders and cleaned out the fridge while I talked, so something got done.

My daughter spent yesterday with in-laws extended family. After several hours together, one family who hadn’t been vaxxed revealed they all had fevers. Nice, eh? Luckily, I think everyone is fully vaxxed, and my daughter and her hubs have had boosters.

oopsie, I feels ya. Lessee, 2 C-sections, an appendectomy, a couple of “female surgeries”, plus all the eye stuff, and I can say I’ve been there. Once the anesthesia fully leaves your body, feeling crappy gets old, fast. And to be without your beloved pupper! So rough! I wish I lived close enough to come help you out. Sending you big, gentle air hugs.

Janey (I still have problems calling you nameless. My apologies.), I’m so sorry you got such a discouraging diagnosis. You don’t deserve such difficulties. Is there nothing further they can do–that’s non-surgical, I mean?

MetalMouse, I can’t think of anything more delightful than a lapful of dogs. :slight_smile: Have a safe trip tomorrow!

FCM, the RoxStar did a wonderful job on the tree! I bet that was so much fun.

Why does it feel like Monday?

More leftovers. Wifey made a sandwich out of the rest of her filet mignon from her birfday dinner. I had her leftover broccoli and carrots, a turkey drumstick, some green bean casserole, and the bacon from her filet.

And this is why COVID will never go away. I hope your daughter and SIL’s jabs do their jobs.

Thank you for the sympathy. I knew that things were getting worse, but I’m still pretty upset. I’m not old enough for this bullhockey goshdarnit! The only options at this point are opioids or surgery.

Today I got a magnet on a stick because my jabs aren’t working and I keep dropping needles. I think I’m going to demand a refund on the defective jabs next time I’m in town!!!

My Secret Santa box is ready to go to the post office. It’s been there once because I didn’t know they closed at 4. I’ll take it back on Monday. I like to think it will have a chance of getting to Ohio by Christmas, but who knows.

I ordered a tote bag for next year’s Secret Santa, but I might return it. I haven’t decided yet, but it’s got a lot of freehand work and I really don’t like doing satin stitch without knowing how many threads I should be working over. I’ll look at it again tomorrow when I’m in a better mood because it’s really cute and over half of the folks playing have asked for handmade gifts.

I once had a kitten with that problem. The vet told me to use an OTC antifungal, and that did the trick (IIRC, he suggested something meant for athlete’s foot).

Not sure 2021 isn’t as weird as 2020, what with sentences like that. Bluetooth-connected litter box? Ooookay.

I don’t think the Princess would cope well with an automatic box at all.

At least you’re eating! I’m going to be raiding leftover dim sum pretty soon myself.

Good evening, all! Read much, retained little, so best of lucks, sorrys, hugs etc to all in need.

The wind is truly howling around the house…I hope the recycling stays in the bin for pick up in the morning. I think tomorrow shall be put the shrink plastic stuff up on the windows day, and find the winter coat, too.

Now to horizontality, my legs a still sore from two days standing on tile floor in socks. Who decided that kitchen floors had to be so hard? Prolly the same guy who decided floors had to be so far away from being able to reach anything you drop on it.

You know, it’s getting harder and harder to be stubbornly independent as my family gets savvier and savvier to my ways. My brother and one of my sisters have informed me they will be contributing to my airfare, and if I don’t tell them how much it is, they’re going to guess and send money anyway. And they’re all better at arguing than I am, so hmph.

Janey, Here’s my question: if they’re injecting magnets into people, how come 4 billion of us aren’t all stuck to light posts and passing pickups? Why am I not Nellie Scissorhands, only with corkscrews and forks stuck to my fingers? There’s only one answer: 5G is demagnetizing everyone!

Opioids or surgery is no choice, really. Dang. I salute your resolute spirit, though, and please feel free to gripe here all you want.

WTA :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:?! I truly do not understand people.

It doesn’t run until several minutes later. I haven’t had any issues with cats not liking the automatic boxes. I will say however that I’ve never had a bluetooth box before. We’ll see if it’s any use at all.

I ended up spending about 4 hours in the car today. My daughter came in at 11:25 this morning and announced that she was supposed to meet her friends (aside: 2 hours away by car) at 1. Also, that we had talked about this (aside: as a hypothetical - a few weeks ago). So, we went. She made sad little eyes at me. I’m a sucker. Now I am a tired, sore sucker. It may be time to change my ride because that was a very uncomfortable afternoon.

My son, teenager, greeted me with “what’s for dinner” when we came home. I said there were no plans and I think his eyes are still looking at the back of his head from how hard he rolled them.

Note on Driver board: Start time Friday is 9: 30A.M.
Unload: sneds 50+ bgs down belt at 0900
So yeah, they had to send out Drivers in UHauls to diver the late stuff.
And I’m doing the Midnight shifts as my double heave next week.
Hello, Darkness my old friend…

My friend B who hosted yesterday says they kee offing $430K for his acre and a half. But he new houses in the neighborhood start at 500k. :grimacing:

As a retail survivor, I agree.

Happy Gotcha Day Princess!


I’m not at all resolute, I deal with this sort of thing with denial and neglect! My doctor once asked me if smoking marijuana helped my pain and laughed so hard she had to wipe her eyes and get a clean mask when I honestly told her that it did nothing for the pain, but it makes me not care how much I’m hurting.

I have a magnet on a stick and a carbon fiber fighting cane that is legal to take on planes. I’m all set!!!

You are so stinking smart!!! I wonder if I would be that smart if I stopped smoking weed? I guess I’ll never know the answer because that will never happen. I called Mom after I learned the answer and she agreed that I know the smartest people in the world! I ordered her a magnet on a stick because we have given up on having magnetic fingers.

Seven minutes according to our robot’s manual.

The only cat we’ve had who didn’t like our bots was brought in as an adult stray with a lot of medical issues. He wasn’t a real cat, he was a disguised space alien who didn’t know that there was more to being a cat than wearing fur and cute ears. Hubs had to teach him to eat bacon fer crying out loud.

Our bot doesn’t have bluetooth, but I’ve read up on the newer ones and I could sure see how getting that much info on an older or sick cat could be very useful.

Up, caffeinated, and sheveled. Off to heave.

For a minute I thought the conversation was Roombas, not litter boxes. Although my Roomba decided that the best way to combat pet hair was to eat the cat. :wink:

I’ve seen Youtube videos of cats riding Roombas. I remember in at least one case, when the bot stopped, the cat reached down and hit the start button to get it going again.

I don’t think the Princess would be that calm about a vacuum cleaner running around the place, especially not without a human restraining it. :wink:

Ah, don’t go blamin’ the weed, honey. After all, the smartest person I know (me!) smokes like a damn chimney.

(^^ is joke.)

Also, happy 420 local time @JaneDoe42 :smiley_cat: I’ll take a toke in your honor.

… because I’m up for my usual mid-sleep bio break. Only ate half the TV dinner - apparently, no, I was not woman enough for the Hungry Man Challenge - and then randomly started getting a bad headache. I almost never get those, so I’m not good at coping.
Therefore, I was in bed at 9 p.m. like the rock star I am.

Woke up - thankfully the headache was gone - and realized I’d dreamed about the leftover chicken and mashed N.O.T.s so I’m about to have a 4:30 a.m. snack.
Some of you get up so early you’d call it First Breakfast, but I’m a lazy slugabout and going back to bed here shortly, so we’ll call it Second Dinner instead.

Will check back in with y’all fine folks when I actually ferrealz get up.

Meanwhile, my deepest sympathies to all the pain & medical issues plaguing my Mumper friends lately. I’m sending y’all mental hugs, either gentle pats or deep bear hugs (your choice).

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 32 Amurrkin out and clear with a predicted high of 66 and N.O.S. for the day. I shall betake myself to the church house this mornin’ to assist with settin’ up the stand for the Advent Wreath and to assist with a general tidyin’ up of the Sacristy as things have gotten unruly in there. I don’t imagine this takin’ more than an hour to an hour and a half. The rest of the day shall be spent in sloth. Foragin’ the leftovers will take care of any need to feed.

nameless opioids or surgery do not sound like fun options. Hopefully the doc(s) will be able to recommend some non-invasive and non druggy interventions.

Nellie you got good family there!

shoe the occasional Hungry Man dinner is an OK thing. Sometimes they are a guilty pleasure.

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then, alas and bother, I suppose I shall purtify and don appropriate bein’ about the public attire. Woe and despair!

Happy Sattidy Y’all!

Ain’t it the truth!!! And I’m thinking them vaxxes not only make us all magnetic - they increased gravity, causing more things to fall to the floor!! I swear, I was never this fumbly-fingered!

Seriously? Hmmmm, that would explain a few things…

That’s the thing - unless you’re looking to move to a cheaper area, you can’t win. But your heirs might.

Higgs went bat-crap crazy last night, so FCD let her out. Big mistake. A dog got into our yard and attacked Higgs. She’s got a small puncture on her back which we cleaned with peroxide, and she’s obviously hurting. This happened once before - it was the neighbor’s dog, so I need to walk the fence again and figure out how she got in. Higgs ate breakfast, but she was moving slowly - I’m sure it’s because of pain. A couple of days of chill, and she should be over it. That’s how long it took last time.

Last night, FCD said he wanted to work in his shop today. So I may need to go out and start the stove, but I’ll wait till he’s up and make sure. I also need to take trash and recycling today. And empty the dishwasher. And push the vacuum around. And clean the critter fountain. That’s what I need to do. What shall I actually accomplish? That’s anyone’s guess.

Happy Saturday!!

OK, so I’m neurotic. I knew this well before the 2020s. :slight_smile:

Saw coverage of Omicron, a new VOC which is apparently moving a bit faster and might have some immune evasion abilities. Felt a need to top up supplies, so ordered four cans of Lysol from Amazon, then went to Winco and bought more birdie food and bleach (no, smart-alecks, these are NOT combined! (laugh)) among other needed items, plus had to try the mint chocolate Twinkies. Shopping at 3am can have its good points if you don’t mind maneuvering around stockers doing their thing.

I’m reasonably confident of other supplies, unless DH spots something I’ve missed. Hand sanitizer, wipes, kitty supplies, OTC meds, paper goods are all fine and we have full cupboards/shelves and freezers.