As God Is My Witness, I thought Turkeys Could Fly! - A MMP

Good morning everyone.

I am so sorry about your diagnosis, Jane. Neither option sounds terrific.

I am in a bit of blue funk and just having a hard time, but I hope to eventually get past it. There are some things making me very sad, but I can’t fix them, and the only person who can doesn’t think he needs to do anything to fix it. In the meantime, I’m caught in the middle and am exhausted, bewildered, and somewhat angry. Sorry to be a downer, but I don’t really discuss these types of things with anyone, and I just needed to get it out.

Also, who the hell brings a gun to T-giving?! It wasn’t my house, so I didn’t say anything, but this was ridiculous. A friend of my son-in-law arrived packing. I am glad my husband wasn’t there because things would have probably gotten ugly.

Yup, the husband stayed home on Tgiving, while I went up to the kids’. The day was bittersweet. The husband stayed home because he can’t stand the politics of my son and son-in-law and feels they gang up on him. He has totally withdrawn from the kids and I’m tired of making excuses for him and anytime I try to share something about the kids with him he just shuts down.

Ugh, way more than you all need to know. I really am sorry. I’m just really sad.

I guess I’ll knock out chores today. I got meds for Polar and started him on them this morning. Luckily for me, I can get him to take pills.

Trying to put my head in the sand because we’re supposed to fly to the U.S. in 3 weeks and the fear mongering for Omicron is strong.

Twinkies are a guily pleasure of mine. I really like mint chocolate ice cream and York Peppermint Patties.

The two should not meet.

Strangely, I think I would be willing to try a mint chocolate Ding Dong. I never said that I make sense.

Went to the town’s Christmas market. Bought some Swiss stuff as gifts and then bought Swedish baked goods (a saffron bun and a cinnamon bun). And then stopped at the store so I have the makings for mulled wine.

I forgot how much I do not care for saffron. I ate half of the saffron bun, and the second half will be smeared with cream cheese and orange marmalade.

We now have 3-4 yogurts which are past their best eaten by dates. I can eat them, but my husband cannot, as he’ll have issues. So I’ll turn at least 2 of them into baked goods, which is the perfect use for expired yogurts. Except I’m lazy. And frustrated.

Probably a good time to step away from the computer, turn up some music or a podcast and get baking. Might still be anxious but there will be fresh baked goods. Without saffron.

{{{{ Taters }}}}

Damn, woman, you are on the ball!

Okay, now you’re just trying to make me feel like a slacker.

In an attempt to de-slacker-ify :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I have quickly:

  • taken out a bunch of trash
  • rescued a small succulent (that I didn’t super-care about, but what the hell) from the chilly outdoors
  • dumped & refilled the primary litter box (that was desperately overdue - oops)
  • refilled a few rat water bottles
  • dumped & refilled cat water bowl

Now I gotta wash up real quick & get going. Need to swipe on a bit of mascara & remember earrings, since Inappropriate Crush is opening with me today.

I’ve emptied and refilled the dishwasher, scooped the cat box, and vacuumed. FCD dusted. We both just ingested some leftovers. Time to read. :smiley:


Moommm I hope Higgs recovers quickly. Poor baby.

Nettie I’m checking the stockpiles too. It’s a new reality for me, I think. I don’t see it going away anytime soon.

Taters families can be hard. I’m sorry to hear you’re stuck between the rock and the hard place. {{{hugs}}}

Happy Saturday everyone.


The political climate in the US today has resulted in scorched earth politics with no middle ground for so many people, and it seems impossible for some to get beyond this and interact without bringing politics into every phase of our lives.

I have a license to carry, and sometime I do. I would never carry into someone’s home without knowing their preferences on the matter. That is just rude and beyond acceptable

We went to the thrift store and I scored my goofy gift exchange gift - a chocolate fountain!!! It supposedly holds 4# of chocolate, so I’m thinking I’ll augment it with 4# of Hershey Kisses! "rofl:

shhhhhhhhh - don’t tell anyone in my family - it’s a secret!!

I got Higgs to go out and pee, but she was really reluctant. Poor thing is afraid of her own back yard! Makes me so angry at people who don’t contain their dogs…

Two … no, one anna half days after Thanksgiving and I’m already sick unto death of Christmas music.

Ah, the joys of working retail. :upside_down_face:

When I was in retail, I tended to resort to comedy Christmas music on personal time just for balance.

Just how many arrangements of “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”, “Frosty the Snowman”, etc., even need to EXIST?

Howdy Y’all! Been a nice, lazy, and, as usual, slothful day at da cave thus far. Watchin’ tackleball, noshin’ on leftovers, and nappage have been accomplished. We have really gotten the hang of bein’ retired grumpy old men drains on society!

We went to see a wood-carver. Unfortunately, he can’t use our Japanese cedar/sequoia because the pieces are too small. We can’t believe how cheap raw trunks are; $80/ton. Still, a two and a half-foot carving of a pair of otters will cost $1,500. (A three and a half-foot one would cost two kilobucks.)

Mrs. L.A. is decorating the living room.

Afternoon all. Ensconced in the Hampton Inn in Jonesboro, Arkansas, after 7.5 hours and 448 miles of travel. I probably could have made it home tonight (about 5 hours away), but would have been even more tiring and I can afford a hotel room now and then.

Sorry I have no pictures of me and the dogs, will try to do better around Xmas.

FCM, some extra virtual skritches for Higgs. Did you find where the miscreant got in from?

Taters, my Brother/SIL are diametrically different from me on politics, so we simply never bring it up since we would never agree, sorry that your husband and kid can’t do the same.

nellie, I call JaneDoe42 unknown, maybe that will work for you. And good for your family (idiot in-laws excepted).

Sunny, you are a lot more patient with your kids than I would be.

Oopsie, hope you get to feeking better soon.

As for bassets hounds on laps, these are 40lb 10-month old puppies and when they are laying quietly, they are darling, but when they are moving around and giving you wet kisses while you try to type on a laptop…and they be very stubborn about moving once they have a space staked out. Of course 95-lb bloodhounds are even worse…

OK, need to find some sustenance (shouldn’t be a problem, looks like I’m right in the middle of restaurant row here, not surprising with 8-10 hotels close to the exits). Everyone have a good night.

About to head out to the gym. Today I cleaned out a cupboard and had a long talk with my sister (with the OCD son). What a sucky situation for a parent to be in, and she’s the least deserving person for such hell. She has zero self-pity. It’s just hard. I try to help her temper her expectations and am still working on getting her to seek therapy to help her cope.

Huh. Fooled someone else besides my mom! :slight_smile:

You already ARE that smart (smarter, actually). Maybe weed makes you less aware of your own brilliance.

Pssst! I’m hoping if the woo crowd thinks 5G is demagnetizing the vaxxed, it’ll collide with their 5G paranoia, and their minds will implode. :slight_smile:

I hope poor ol’ Higgs feels better fast. Stoopit marauding mutt next door! Did you find how that dog got in?

Nettie, I’m low on bleach. Maybe I should get some before the panic-buying hits, and I can’t find any.

taters, stuck in the middle and fighting a war on two fronts sounds exhausting. It must be so distressing. Do the kids know why your husband is upset? Do they all know how stressful this is for you? Politics have permeated everything, but surely people could find something to talk about. Open-carrying a gun to a T-Day dinner is pretty stupid. Is he afraid the turkey is going to rise off the platter and wreak its revenge? Big hugs. I’m so sorry.

Makes sense to me. Ding-Dongs are supposed to be chocolate. They’re good at it. Twinkies are not supposed to be chocolate. They should stay in their own lane.

Seems like a good plan to me.

I didn’t walk the fence as I should have. But I did go out with Higgs in case there was a dog in the yard again. For some weird reason, she won’t go to FCD, but she’s been on the recliner with me as I was reading. His feelings are hurt - so much drama!!

Food Lion hasn’t had gallon jugs of white vinegar for the last couple of weeks - guess I should look elsewhere. I don’t want to buy the smaller bottles if I don’t have to. It’s not a crisis… yet… And I’ll go back there tomorrow - FCD snarfed down some of my yogurt so I’m going to lay in a bigger supply.

I’ve got that to look forward to… woohoo!!

unknown, you could use some of your clothespins for bag clips, securing clothing on hangers or, if you do craft work that involves chalking (little pom poms held by a clothespin or roach clip are standard equipment for chalks and inks in my studio. ). I feel your pain in the back and hip (two blown discs in my lower back, a hip and knee needing replaced on top of the already metal body parts). Maybe we can have scooter races in 10 or 20 years. :stuck_out_tongue:

wordy, I’m sorry about your dad. Even when it’s expected, it’s hard to let go.

I’m sorry that your camp out ended abruptly silenus.


I hope that Higgs feels better soonest Mooooooom.

I would have to agree with you about the twinkies and ding dongs dicey. I think it’s all about the cake type. Chocolate sponge cake is never dark enough to pair well with mint, IMHO.

Had a good holiday with Dad. I made pierogi (potato - cheese, pork - mushroom and I tried with much success some filled with sweet potato), golumpki, halusky, pumpkin pie and even a poppy seed roll. Go me! We ate waaaaaaay too much, but there was enough to make individual servings for freezing and consumption at a later date.

Friday, we went to some friends’ house, where we played music all afternoon. The guy I lived with for a few years came over in his truck so Dad could go too (he sold his truck and can’t get in and out of my car), his kids and grandkids and some of his family with whom I used to play bluegrass were there, along with my old boss and other friends.

Came home today (made good time), picked up some groceries and did a couple of loads of laundry. Tomorrow, I’ll do lunch prep and take Nelson to the dog park. Otherwise, I’ll be lazy.

Stay safe and healthy y’all!

Kitties have chased treats around the house, and ratties are noisily enjoying their dinner.

Inappropriate Crush and his buddy (who’s also the other manager for the day) brought in some venison from their morning hunt.

They prepped enough for everyone, after lunch rush, and mah gawd it was the highlight of my day. For several reasons ;-), not least of which that it was quite tasty.

I.C. "Yeah, I was up at 4 am to go huntin’ … "
Purple “Oh, yeah, I was up then, too … I, um, smoked a bowl and went back to my warm, comfy bed.” snerk
I.C. {{ laughs }}

Heh. :smiling_imp: If I’m not gonna get laid, I can at least get some sleep.

… oh, god. How old am I?!?

I concur.

The sort went OK for once this week. So we did a second sort, and the 200 belt overloaded. But I get paid by the hour. :smiley:

I remember I could tell it was time for a smoke break when I heard “Holly Jolly Christmas” for the third time in my shift. :roll_eyes:

Nettie, yeah I keep extra on and there days, or use reusable products when possible.