As God Is My Witness, I thought Turkeys Could Fly! - A MMP

Well they can, if you ship them Next Day Air! :turkey: :airplane:
American Mumper: Any holiday plans?
Canadian Mumpers: Wondering why we’re celebrating 4 weeks late?
Other International Mumpers: Any plans for an ordinary Thrusday?

Up, caffeinated, and sheveled. Off to double heave.


Actually, just getting ready for bed.

Catch you all in the am.

We have been invited to two different thanksgiving celebrations this year but we have decided that we will just stay home and I will cook for just my wife and daughters. I was unable to cook last thanksgiving due to recovering from major surgery and promised an extra special effort this year.

It was decided yesterday that we’d host. Originally, my daughter was concerned about dealing with the kids’ sleep schedules, since SIL has to work till 4 (they’re doing a Thanksgiving thing on base for the single sailors till then.) But when I volunteered to keep Roxy overnight Thursday and FCD pointed out that if we did it at their house, they’d have all the dishes, etc, to clean up, well, that sold it. I was going to take Roxy to the Marine Museum, but of course, it’s closed on Firday. So dunno what we’ll do. Black Firday shopping?? :thinking: :woozy_face: :scream: Nope.

I’m going to do the turkey low and slow overnight. The sides will be prepped on Wednesday and I’ll probably bake the punkin pie on Thursday. I don’t like that we have to eat so late, but we’ll deal. If SIL drops them off before he goes to work, I need to have lunch for them, but Roxy is happy with PB&J, so that’s easy. Just gotta make sure I have bread.

A little later today, I’m venturing to WalMart :scream: because I need cat littler and a few other things. I figure if I go relatively early, it won’t be too horrible. But I guess we’ll see. And I pulled some butter out to soften - gonna make some chocolate chip cookies. I want to take a bunch to my car guys as a thank you - they take good care of our vehicles and have never tried to mess with us. I’ll fill zip lock bags with half a dozen cookies each so they can take them home when their hands are clean, if they prefer. The rest of the cookies will be ours for however long they last. :wink:

Thus beginneth the week. Happy Moanday!

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN 'Tis 54 Amurrkin out with light rain with a predicted high of 72 and rainy for the day. We shall see. The big item on today’s agenda is men’s night over to the church house. We shall head over there around four-thirty to do prep work. N.O.T. won’t bake themselves you know. Other than that sloth shall ensue.

We are hostin’ a Turkey Day feast for eight. Six invitees plus the two of us. We shall prepare most of it with a couple of sides, munchies and a dessert bein’ brought by others. A lot of the prep shall be done Wednesday and Mr. Tom will go in the oven early Thursday mornin’. It should be fun and kinda excitated to be hostin’ a group for a big feast again.

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then, onward into the day! Rah.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

Morning all. I’m heading out tomorrow for Topeka, KS where I’ll meet up with the rest of my family (Brother, Sis-IL, niece and nephews) on Wednesday, we’ll probably go out to eat for Thanksgiving and I’ll stick around Firday, then head back home Saturday. Longest drive I’m done in several years now, will be nice to get to places I’ve never been before. Also see if the Garmin works good.

Rain is gone and temperature is in the 50’sf for the high today and tomorrow, so driving should be good. Need to run the dishwasher (in fact, just got up and started it right now) and do the prep and packing later today, so I can get an early start on the travels.

Enjoy the feast, swampy

That’s a nice gesture, FCD to your car guys…maybe give a few to FCD’s doctors??

hippie, very glad you get to be home this year.

OK, need to finish the morning internettin’ and be about things. All y’all have a great Moanday.

Mornin’ all. I’m heading to the the shop today, prolly the only day I’ll go in this week. Gotta deliver some stuff to the gift shop and chat with them about building some displays. Don’t wanna do anything else. Must do the T-day prep.

Stay safe, all!

Nope - his knee is screwed up - maybe their fault, maybe not, but no cookies for them!

Back from WalMart and it wasn’t terrible. I got a parking space at the end of the row close to the door, I got what I went for, plus a couple more things, tho not too much (barely spent over $50, and the cat litter was almost $20 of that.) The wide aisles in the store were empty - I’m guessing that’s where Black Friday will be staged.

It’s raining a little - so much for the possibility of doing leaves. Maybe tomorrow? Maybe Weds? Dunno. In a little bit, I’ll start mixing up the cookies. It’ll be a double batch, so that will be fun… :roll_eyes:

FCD and I have decided we’re going to try doing our main meal at lunch instead of supper. He doesn’t sleep well if he eats too much at night and I’m, usually hungrier early. And since we’re retired, why not? No work schedule to deal with.

Higgs needs to be let in - off to do doggy butler duty.

Morning, everyone. I’m tired and cranky. That is all.

Happy Moonday!
Wet 41 degrees at the park this morning.
Disappointing day for Echo, only Lucy and Jax showed up and neither of them play. Lucy hides out in the trees looking for squirrels, Jax is fixated on his ball. Echo didn’t want to leave, but I’ve started carrying a few treats in my pocket to entice her.
Funny how she and Ripple will play at home, but seldom play together at the park.

I wish whoever it is who brings their kids to the park in the afternoons would stop letting their kids fill up the dogs’ water bowls with gravel? at the park. I don’t know what to call the stuff that lines the path to the pavilion. It’s dark grey, kind of like if you finely crushed rocks. It’s a pain in the ass because if it’s damp, it sticks to your shoes. Bad enough when they fill the water bowls with it, but today it was dumped all over in the pavilion, sticking to everything.
Don’t know what happens to all the water bowls, we started out with 13, now down to 4. One of them is new though, so 10 bowls disappeared. Some Karen threw out the big pot that has been there for years because it was Teflon inside and would poison the dogs. Most of the dogs wouldn’t drink from it anyway, I think because it was deep and black inside. However, it was good for carrying water from the fountain to fill the bowls.

Still don’t know what I am doing for Thanksgiving. Everyone is gathering at my mother’s. I doubt my son will go, especially if he has to irk Wednesday. I know there is a good chance he’ll get out early on Thorsday morning, but he’ll still be tired. At least he can sleep the whole drive down and back.
I kind of want to go, and kind of don’t.
I need to decide on something.

This sweet potato casserole popped up in my feed
lemon pepper sweet potato crisp

This one sounds a lot better to me
sweet potato casserole with pistachio crust

Good luck today Ooopsie

Safe travels Metal Mouse

I’m with you on the tired and cranky Shoe.
I’m going to be a bitch until Thanksgiving is over.
The holidays annoy the f out of me.

The day has started out as a bit of a shit sandwich. Also known as a poopwich.

I got a call from my stepmom today; dad is doing really, really poorly. Seemingly overnight he lost the ability walk and shower on his own, and can’t talk much anymore and is having trouble walking. I’m not sure whether I hope he’ll be around as long as possible or if I hope he’ll go peacefully and quickly - he wouldn’t want to be this way, and I’m not sure how much of him is still there. I’m glad I don’t have too many meetings today - extra time to ruminate, but I know I probably won’t be able to be super productive even if I did have tons of discussions to distract me.

Morning, Mumpers! It’s a beautiful day here in SoCal and looks to be the same all week. Thanksgiving plans are the same as they’ve been for the last…checks calendar…39 years. A couple of high school buddies and I go camping in the desert for Thanksgiving. We do a full turkey dinner, too. Of course, between us and all our gear we’ll have 5 burners, 6 ice chests, 3 huge tents and enough food to feed a small-ish army. We always carry out more than we’ll ever eat just in case Armageddon happens while we’re gone. Another friend who works for a brewery dropped off 3 cases of beer Saturday, so we are set on the suds front as well. The turkey usually gets prepped, wrapped in a ton of foil and buried in the fire pit for the appropriate number of hours. Always comes out delicious. Dressing, hot pea salad, potatoes and gravy, a selection of wines and pie/ice cream for dessert. Yes, the trucks are going to be a bit overloaded on the way out.

For us, Thanksgiving with family means the family you choose, not the one you are stuck with at birth.

Looking forward to hearing everybody’s stories of how their holiday went. Stay cool, fly low and ignore Uncle Phil. He’s always been a jerk.

Crud, forgot turkey day plans - mom’s coming over and we’ll eat too much food. You know, as one does. I can’t wait for the dressing. We still make my great grandmother’s recipe. And this year mom is hopefully going to stay well enough to enjoy it!

Edited to add: My mom keeps asking me to cook one dish, then decides she wants something else instead. It’s getting super aggravating and now I have ingredients for a million Thanksgiving Day sides. I’m going to start making these sides for dinners now or I’ll never empty my fridge. Oh, well - Thanksgiving will last for two weeks here instead of just a day or two!

I realized that I forgot to include dressing in my dinner plans because I can’t stand the stuff, I bought the makin’s, just forgot I have to make it. I need a list.

Meanwhile, I have the scalloped ham/onion/spud casserole in the oven for lunch. Don’t know when FCD will get home. He drove down to West Marine in Solomons to look at boat stuff. And after we eat, I’ll make the cookies.

For some unknown reason, FCD’s devices lost their router connections, as did Alexa and the TV in our bedroom. I suspect the basement TV also needs to be logged in again. Yet my phone and tablet were fine. No idea what happened. Weird…

After almost 2 weeks of light symptoms, I called the doctor’s office and they confirmed we should get tested. So we are now officially in isolation until the test results come back in 24-36 hours.

If the test results are positive, we won’t be going to the office on Thursday.

The big thing of the week is calling my mom for her birthday. She’s already beside herself since we’re supposed to be there for Christmas, so her birthday and Thanksgiving are just going to get lost in the planning.

Hope oopsie is doing well with her surgery. Should be starting soon.

Sari, I’m with you about the gravel. It makes quite the mess. I’m sorry that some people’s kids can’t leave stuff alone.

Lack of energy, plus fun times going to the test center, means I’m settling down early for the evening.

It was 25 and really sunny when I got to irk. That is all fine by me. As long as there is no wind. Yesterday had gusts up to 40 mph. T-Day plans involve me going to my sister’s house. My BIL has Parkinsons and doesn’t want to go anywhere so it’s just the 3 of us. My sister said “we’re having stuff” which means chips and dip and some other stuff which is my preferred foods. I don’t care if I ever eat a solid meal. I’ll just eat junk. However I am bringing a spinach salad so our guilt will be partially assuaged.

We call this a dip dinner - chips, bread, tons of dip (where dip can = fancy cheese, spinach dips, or whatever) and a salad with balsamic. It’s the perfect meal!

It must be Moanday. It’s not even ten o’clock (I’ve been logged into irk since a quarter after six) and it seems like all I’ve done is address problems. I told Big Credit Company, ‘Well, WTF do you want?’ Only, I put it more nicely than that. Someone else can’t send their data in the expected format, so I’ll have to re-write the programs. Someone else doesn’t want to send an expected column anymore. Someone else gets pissed off at me when I request a file, saying ‘I already sent it.’ Only obviously I didn’t receive it, else why would I ask for it? So I have to reply to her snarky reply to ask for it again (instead of her just sending it in response to my first email). I contacted IT to ask if there’s some reason the allegedly-sent email wasn’t received but I do get the email in response to my email. They said they need more information. I got it and sent it to them, but I doubt it will do any good.

It’s just been a frustrating day. Already.

I just took a gigantic pork butt out of the freezer to start thawing. We’re planning to have pulled pork, salmon, and possibly BBQed chicken for T-day. And stuffing(?). dressing(?) herbed and spiced croutons cooked in bird broth, 'cause Wifey wants it. Personally, I lurves turkey, especially left over, in a sammich, but I’ve been outvoted.

A story: When I was a kid growing up in Floriduh, my aunt and her spawn lived down the street from us and we always had holidays at their house. Well, one thanksgiving eve Aunt B took the turkey out of the freezer and wrapped it in foil and set it on top of the oil furnace in the hallway to thaw. When she went and got it to put it in the oven it was cooked, and not only that, it was moist and juicy and delicious. Low and slow is the way to go, I guess.

Today, one of the local title companies is having a ‘tailgater’ chilidog lunch in the bank parking lot 3 blocks away for real estate peeps. We’re gonna walk over there and have lunch and then come home and work some more on clearing out this house.

Tomorrow is a Costco run with the daughter. I will finally get my fruitcake for the year. (they actually only last a couple of weeks. Maybe I should get 2? :thinking:) Wifey wants one of their tiramisu cakes, and we both have lists of other stuffs to get. Don’t know what daughter wants. It’s gonna be fun though.

Hope your holidays are good! :turkey: :christmas_tree: :menorah:

Is he being evaluated for a stroke? It’s possible to make a good recovery from that. I’m sorry but I don’t remember his health otherwise.

It sounds like a good time. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

flyboy hang in there. At least it’s a short week. :slight_smile:

Pixel is charging around today like a little Tasmanian devil. I’ve told him not to overdo it, but he never listens. :wink:

For Thanksgiving, we ordered a pre-cooked feast, which we’re augmenting with just a few things. I’d like to have the meal here, because I can (yay) and also because dealing with hosting always makes my mom mental. On the other hand, my dad likes to watch his TV shows and only comes out at the last minute. Hmmm. I’ll talk to her and we’ll see.

I think (crossing everyone’s appendages) that we’re almost through this re-fi process. Lower interest rate, lower payments, and some cash out.