As I age hideously... skin, hair, shaving...I'mma girl questions

Damn it’s a good thing that what little vanity I ever had about my appearance has disappeared into the same black hole as my sex drive, or I would be seriously bummed.

I used to believe that a lifetime of having what good looks I otherwise possessed marred by a lifelong struggle with obesity, I would be prepped for the cruelties of aging.

Turns out not so much. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I am adjusted to having to pluck big, serious hairs from my chin, that’s been happening since I was in my 40’s. (Currently 57…which is so weird…) But the light downy fuzz is bugging me. I associate it with age. the eyebrow razors suck, they don’t cut they just scrape the hell outta my skin, so I’ve just gone for the real deal. Works perfectly.

But my facial skin IS rather tender and fragile, given my advanced age… what is the best substance to protect my skin without interfering with the blade cutting such fine fuzz? I think thick lather would flatten all the fine fuzz and it wouldn’t get cut. But maybe I’m wrong. Am I the only person, male or female, shaving thick peach fuzz vs. serious beard? My skin would thank you for your recommendations for the least brutal, most effective way for me to take up a manly sort of shave… (Hey, goes with my buzz cut… my once waist-length hair got shaved off about 18 months ago, and I can now report that I have not regretted it for one split second. Nor have I missed it. The greatest thing to happen to me grooming wise is being able to stop thinking about my hair at all, except every few weeks running a clipper over it. Heaven!)

You don’t need to lather up and let it soak like a man with a beard and shaving cream. So anything that helps slick the surface for the very light shaving you need to do, should do the trick. Have you tried a moisturizing liquid face soap? No fancy cleanser needed, just a mild one labeled for the face. Even a little coconut oil would probably work. It sounds like you’re using a proper face razor, it will get the peach fuzz just fine whatever you use.

Were you making sure the eyebrow razors were fairly sharp before you have them up? I bought one of those $5 3-packs from Sally and was excited how well they worked, until it seemed like they stopped working…then I go out a fresh razor and voila! They only last so many passes and iMHO it is impossible to tell when they are bad yet unless you realize they aren’t working anymore.

I use those on my sensitive skin then after I use a face oil that is just literally oils (the consistency of olive oil) including vitamin E which is great for your skin.

I agree that coconut oil would be a good start!

Yeah, I was thinking about oils… and the eyebrow razors are just brutal. To me it’s like shaving with the top of an opened can or something…

Hair conditioner. Best shaving lotion ever.

I’ve never even heard of eyebrow razors but now I want to try them. I use my Good News on the stray brows but I have cut my eye like an idiot so I mostly just tweeze. For peach fuzz I get around my mouth (along with the wild stray thick black one) I shave down, like I guess they say 'with the grain" so it’s not completely hairless but it’s so pale and soft it’s not noticeable.

Just wax the suckers.

I just use my regular facial soap: Philosophy Purity Made Simple, and a regular razor. I have a lot of peach fuzz, and it comes back quickly.

I feel you, sister. When I had my knee replacement I couldn’t shave my legs in the shower anymore (couldn’t stand on the bum leg by itself) so I bought an electric razor, one of these:

When I noticed my peach fuzz getting out of control I used the little flip up part that’s designed for sideburns, works great and doesn’t hurt my face.

Due to PCOS issues, I’ve been shaving my chin and neck every other day for a few years now. It works just fine, removing the peach fuzz actually helps with makeup application. I’m only 31 and will probably have to keep this up until I menopause. But it’s not bad. The only alternative is a heavy regimen of hormonal birth control, and I don’t like the side effects.

I decided I didn’t like the peach fuzz either, so I started shaving it about once in ten days WAY before anyone was posting how-tos on youtube. I just use a cheap 2-blade razor, and Dove or Ivory soap. Then I do my normal skincare routine.

As others have said, hair conditioner, or an oil, work well for shaving if you have dry skin. I use oil on my legs in the winter.

I use an “eyebrow razor” for the hard-to-get areas.

It doesn’t grow back any faster now.

I used to get a single monstrously thick black hair under my chin, but that has gone away after being plucked several times and starting HRT. I’m keeping HRT until they pry it away from my grasping hands.