As I am now a mod...

As I am now a mod, I’m going to be bringing in some new rules; the first being that if you want to post here, you have to send me wine and chocolate. And concubines. Otherwise there are going to be all sorts of nasty things happening. Like hamster lashing.

I can feel the power oozing from my fingertips. Be careful. Be very careful.

This will probably be my last post here before I’m banned, but I’m fed up with all these new Mods making up the rules as they go. Back in the good old days, you got a coffeecup. Now, it’s all wine and chocolate and hamster lashing. Where will it end?

These aren’t new rules. I just couldn’t enforce them before. Me? Make something up? Never.

Gee… I’ve never seen BANNED under my name before… :wink:

Umm…that isn’t “power” oozing from your fingertips, so we’re not bringing you jack until you put some latex gloves on.

I told you I was all powerful. I’m a god. The world is my plaything.

I’m with Czarcasm… don’t say “oozing” and “plaything” in the same breath.

And do remember to breathe.

Whatever it is, it sure tastes good. Yum yum.


That is all.

Great, now the boards are rife with anarchy.:rolleyes: now that the randoms are drunk with power. And booze.

And the stuff oozing from my fingers.

Just wine and chocolate.

And that hamster thing…

We’re sure as hell not giving him a key to the private mod bathroom till the oozing fingertips thing clears up.

I can make it come out of my toes instead. Would that help? (Actually, my party trick is to make it come out of both at once. But that does make a hell of a mess.)

Please, Oh Holy Warlord, make me Ghoul of the Day. I want some evil powers, too.

Ha ha, twickster’s BANNED! Feel like a monkey in a petting zoo? Huh? Do ya? Like everybody’s pointing and laughing? Man, I think I’d rather shake the oozing… hand… of Nine than be BANNED. That must really suck!

Hate to be you, Dude.

BANNED moderator sounds pretty cool, but even cooler would be Band Moderator. I could definitely moderate the SHIT out of some bands. nods righteously

Ooh, do I get BANNED now?

Hell no! You’re electric, we’re pneumatic.

May I extend a hearty welcome and a gentle request for fun-loving participation in Continental Drift Cam started Yesterday, 06:33 AM by N9IWP and gathering steam as a place to do some April Fool’s hanky-panky.