As if Georgia doesn't have a backwoods reputation already...

Now we have state legislator Dorothy B. Pelote from Savannah claiming to other house members that she is psychic and can speak with the dead. Chandra Levy has even “visited” her.

If at least you have no shame, remember that you are supposed to be representing the people of this state. Shut the fuck up and go away, you fruitcake.

Aw hell, mouthbreather. That’s just Savannah culture. I think it’s kind of cute in this case.

Man, I swear to God the sky turns a different color when you enter Savannah.

Please, PLEASE no porn quips for that last comment.

Errr, I mean it’s kind of cute in general. The Chandra Levy thing is just tacky. Sorry.

Georgia has a bad rep? But all the people on TalkBack Live seem so intelligent! :slight_smile:

Ohh Ohh, I have a witty quip about porn queen Savannah!!!

Awww shucks, you don’t wanna hear it? Ok…

Hmmm. . . It’s Miss Cleo with glasses.

(And that’s the late porn queen Savannah.:frowning:

Oh my God! That’s what that was on the news this morning?

I have got to start having more coffee before I try to decipher the local news. I couldn’t make sense of the story at all.

I knew there was a reason I’ve never made it down that way. Please slap me if I ever sound like I want to go.

Aw, now, mouthbreather, don’t be so hard on them. Savannah’s a wonderful place to visit. I have particularly enjoyed visiting there around St. Patrick’s Day, when the entire town turns Irish. Yes, even that man over there walking an invisible dog for his deceased former employer.

Any word from “Uncle Jesse, or Boss Hogg?”

Yes, they asked me to tell you, “Please come home, Road Rash. The sheep are lonely.”

Actually, Savannah is one hell of a fun place to visit. Lots of cool bars, music halls, a great historic district, you name it.

Where’s Scylla when you need him?

Yeah, Ogre, so I’ve heard.

I dunno, though. I was only half-serious – from what I’ve heard it’s nice. HIstorical architecture, laid back vibe, etc.

But I’ve also gathered (and no, not just from MitGoG&E) that it’s full of eccentric nutbags who believe in every sort of mumbo-jumbo known to man, and even a few more jumbos not yet discovered.

Maybe if I ever get the urge to do hallucinagenics again I’ll get a hold of some mushrooms and make my way down there. Hell, I’ll probably fit in at that point.
"Hey y’all, look – some 300lb guy with a shaved head is rolling around in the streets singing about the blue doorknob that sounds like the color red and tastes like light…

What’s for lunch?"

They have sheep in Georgia?

Yes, they have sheep in Georgia, bonehead. They also have other things like shoes, and all their teeth, and spouses who aren’t related to them.


Not even by marriage?

Gads, I’m bored.

I’ve got a bone to pick with him.

Last night, in a dream, I was attacked by an amorous goat!!!

He’s got a milking machine with your name on it.

“Bone to pick.” Huh-huh, huh-huh, you said bone.

I got married in Georgia (and currently live there), and I shit you not, on the wedding license application is a line for “Relation”.