Savannah GA After Dark- any suggestions?

I’m going to be in Savannah for a conference for 4 days next week, but unfortunately the conference itself will last until about 5 p.m… Can any Savannah Dopers or Dopers who have knowledge of Savannah recommend some things to do and see with 2 hours of daylight and the remaining evening?

I’ve been to Savannah before- most recently a couple of years ago for a day when I took a tour, but this is the most time I’ve spent there. I’d love to see anything having to do with piracy/slave trade/Oglethorpe and above all Indian cultures, but if any of the historic houses are open late I’d love to see those too.

I couldn’t care much less about gay bars or nightclubs (unless Chablis’s in town) but would love some good restaurant recs. (I’m reimbursed somewhat but only within reason, so I’m not interested in places where entrees start at $40.)

Thanks for any info.


I meant to post this in IMHO. If a mod wants to move it that’s fine.

All I can recommend is a famous restaurant – The Lady and Sons, owned and operated by Food Network personality Paula Deen, she of the grandmotherly demeanor and delicious-looking but unhealthy Southern cooking. Just about any seafood you get there will be awesome, though.

You’re out of luck for the Lady Chablis, sampiro. She’ll be at her club this weekend but not until July after that.

Second time recently I’ve had cause to remember this thread. I discovered the last time I linked to it, though, that I misremembered the restaurant’s name. It’s Casbah.

Oh, and on the first night, go on a carriage-ride ghost tour.

Then on the second night, hide along the route of the carriage-ride ghost tour and scare the hell out of some tourists.