As if Today Couldn't Get Any Worse

Biotop if the pain comes, push back hard to see another neurologist sooner. One thing I’ve learned from my travels down the road of chronic pain - squeaky wheel sometimes really does help.

Another thing that might help is ER trip next time it happens (if it happens). They can possibly refer you elsewhere, and might put some urgency behind it.

Look into doctors that are farther away. Are you willing to drive 1-2 hours to get to someone who can get you an answer sooner? Start making calls…

Don’t take Feb. as the final answer. There may be other options.

Praying for an earlier cancellation for you.

Any updates?

Thanks for the concern, sir. Nothing to report.

No cancellations yet for the neurologist. The appointment is still in February. No real pain to speak of.

I often have an awareness in my mouth almost like the teeth feel tight, but nothing else. Once or twice I thought the pain might be coming back. It has not. I have yet to take a single prescribed pain killer. Business as usual.

I’m glad it’s holding off. I hope it’s smooth sailing until Feb.

So it looks like Trigeminal Neuralgia after all. The neurologist says he is almost certain. On the positive side I have had no major pain since November. Maybe there will be no more attacks. I revisit this medical complex in a couple of months and depending on whether the pain comes back will determine the path forward.

I hate these doctor’s offices. I hate the paperwork, the insurance cards, the waiting while I see other people suffering much worse than me. I hate that access to health care depends on whether you have money to pay the bills.

Hi Biotop I am sorry to learn of your TN diagnosis. I hope you are finding good treatment resources and care that works well. If not, I may have a suggestion that works. I had something similar to TN, and if the root cause of your TN is the same root cause as for what I had (and this root cause is a common one for TN), and also if you are not finding care good enough for your needs, please PM me. I may be able to help.

I have been symptom-free since 2012 after suffering for 8+ years. I hope I can help, and I wish you well.

Thanks. I have been lucky so far. The one episode I had back in November was awful, but since then it is just the occasional minor mouth/jaw pain. It’s weird that the pain can be on one side, and then on the other the next time. I see my neurologist in a couple of weeks. Mostly I have just been trying to forget the bad incident and just hope for the best.