As if Today Couldn't Get Any Worse

Despair over the election and I couldn’t sleep. Then the pain hit my mouth. I thought it was some kind of tooth issue. But the Dentist couldn’t find anything this morning and is sending me to a specialist. The dentist thinks it may be something called Trigeminal Neuralgia.

The pain is the most I have ever experienced and hits for about a minute every three minutes. I am depressed over the election, worried about this diagnosis, worried about what my crappy work insurance will cover,and tired already of screaming out loud from the pain. 24 hours ago I saw none of this coming.

Sorry to hear that! Best wishes and hopes for recovery!

Wow Biotop, I hope your dentist is seriously wrong! That seems like an absolutely awful condition to have!

Best wishes to you, hope you get some answers and relief very soon!

Aw, shit man, trigeminal neuralgia is a bad. Hope it’s something less awful and more amenable to treatment. Best wishes and good luck!

Thanks all. Off to see more specialists tomorrow. I find I handle severe pain poorly. It has abated somewhat this afternoon, with periodic intense reflashes.

If this indeed your diagnosis, you’re about to become a poster boy ( pun intended ) for Pain Mangement.

Avoid opiates. Seek acupuncture therapies.

My two cents, and praying- seriously- that this isn’t what you’ve got. It’s a life-changer from what I’m reading. Keep us posted !

I’m so sorry. This sucks big time.

So sorry. I hope your mouth pain doesn’t continue throughout the Trump administration.

Yeesh! Tooth pain is second only to eye pain on SNF’s squeemishness quotient (SSQ).

Get well soon so you can get back to kicking my ass at mafia!

Very sorry to hear this. Best of luck to you! I hope whatever you have goes goes away quickly.

Don’t know about that, recommending pseudo science and all…

Early last year I had similar pains, only they were in the side of my face. I was also diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia at first. You’re gonna need some serious painkillers.

Turned out to be shingles, but there’s apparently no way of diagnosing shingles before the skin rash shows up.

Yes, they talked to me about the possibility of shingles, but the doctor I talked to today did not think that is likely. I am waiting for an appointment with a neurologist. I feel like I am stepping into some medical maze and worry that after a few turns I will not be able to find my way out again.

I hope she doesn’t mind, but paging **lorene **who has Trigeminal Neuralgia.

Best wishes! I hope it isn’t TN, that stuff sounds outright horrible…

I really feel your pain and I mean literally . I hope you can get the help you need.
I am sure I have TN too from an auto accident, I hit my head on my right side and it was right on my temple. Do you get sharp shooting pains right in your eyeball too ?

The pain so far is just in my mouth at the teeth. I am still waiting for the neurologist visit to be set, but the hurt has pretty much now gone into hiding since last week’s flare-up.

Fingers crossed. Don’t discount surgery–cutting the nerve often cures the pain.

I just got my referral to see a neurologist. The appointment is in February. Two months I have to wait and wonder. Unbelievable.

Unless there is a cancellation. Two months.

I hope the pain does not come back.

Hang in there, Biotop. It’s good that the pain is better. TN is different in different people, and right now, you don’t even know if that’s what it is.

I am a psychologist who works with people who have all sorts of chronic pain and here’s what I can promise you: People can be amazing. No one wants chronic pain, but some of us get it. Not everyone–because it’s really hard–manages to regain good quality of life, but some do. I hope if your pain does return and continue that you are one of those who do.