As of next week, I'll be living with irishfella!

Hi everybody!
I’ve not been here in a little while (nothing bad, just lots of study and hectic lecture schedule) so I thought I should share my good news.

After a long talk with my parents (who pay my rent as I’m a student) they agreed that I could move in with irishfella.
We’ve signed our lease and are moving into our new place next week. It’s a 1 year old, 1 bed apt near the hospital where I have my lectures, and 3 of my friends live in the building.

I’m so happy! After 2 years of long distance, and 4 months of spending all my time at his place, but not actually “living” there, we finally get to have a place of our own!

No more dodgy housemates, filthy bathrooms and kitchens or weird strangers sleeping over without our knowledge! Finally I can have my own space to study at home, and he can have broadband and somewhere to play his guitar without disturbing people. The best part is that we’ll be able to have friends over to dinner, and more parties.

Neither of our families really approve of living together before marriage, and when it comes down to it, neither do we. However there’s no way I’m willing to take on more debt and get married while I’m a student, so we’re waiting until I graduate. And living with all of my bits and pieces spread between two houses was a nightmare, and neither of us could face it for another 2 1/2 years.
So here’s to co-habitation!

congrats - hope it all works out for you.

and remember - keep your hands off his lucky charms…

[sub]heh. that works on so many levels :)[/sub]

Great news, irishgirl! I hope you and irishfella will be very happy.

Just one thing:

Is it okay if we drop you a line first?


Oh, yeah. Is your email addie the same?

Yup. Still the same. Drop me a line and let me know your craic.

Wishing you both luck and joy.