As Part Of The Sex-Change Operation.....

… is the adam’s apple removed?

Please forgive the possible incorrect terminolgy in the title, and also I am not considering surgery of this type. I have just always been curious.



It’s “shaved” to reduce it’s size/prominence.

More specifically…

I wondered about this once, too, and Otto posted a link to look at.

What DDG’s link doesn’t cover is the relative frequency of voicebox surgery, which is low (though it is rising). The main reason for this is that it’s unfortunately easy to both, at which point you end up with a voice that sounds like it comes from Mars. Worse, at that point it’s basically uncorrectable. Furthermore, it’s an additional expense, not covered by insurance, on top of an insanely expensive procedure that’s also not covered by most insurance plans. Of course, cut-rate doctors can be found, but they’re precisely the people most likely to botch it.

don’t women have adam’s apples anyway? they’re just smaller?! i went out with a girl who had what looked like an apple because her neck was so long and skinny… christ, i thought she was a girl.