As President, will Trump's tax returns be public record?

…And will they include all his financials from the taxable year? Or does the President file separate returns for his public life and his private life? How’s this going to work?

No, why would being president change the privacy of his tax returns? There simply is nothing that requires anyone to release their tax returns except public pressure.


Of course if there were nothing to hide there should be no problem releasing them.

His salary as a public servant is public record. I think that’s all.

Even that’s uncertain.

The Donald is under continuous tax auditing … Here’s a Huffington Post article “Trump Lawyers Claim He’s Under ‘Continuous’ IRS Audit” – Mar 31st, 2016 … and as a general rule we don’t pay that much for legal advice and then just ignore it … so if I was in his shoes I’d be invoking my 5th Amendments Rights as well …

What legal advice? From the article that you linked to:

The Fifth Amendment has nothing to do with the issue, since he’s not being asked to testify about a criminal case.


If Congress forms a special investigative committee with subpoena power, the tax returns could be obtained. Given the current state of government leaks, the public would most likely soon have access to them.

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