As serious as a.... well, you know

Mr J. had a heart attack yesterday morning, it doesn’t appear to have been a real bad one… but still, a freakin heart attack, he had a heart cath today & a stint put in, I gotta go back to work tomorrow & I dread it, I don’t want to leave him , even if I rationally know he’ll probably be all right, lizard brain me says NO WAY.
I’m so tired. (posting from hospital) Guess I’ll lay down on this oh so comfy (NOT) pull out watchee & try to catch 40 winks. I’m probably babbling at this point… Anyhow prayers & mojo, please!

I’m sorry you’re dealing with that. It’s so scary. I understand that lizard brain reaction too well.

Best wishes for a smooth recovery and for you to get some sleep!

Sorry to hear that.

I’ve been though my own heart-related ordeal. If he wants to talk to anyone about it after he gets out of the hospital, I would be happy to talk with him.

Get some rest - he’s in good hands at the hospital.

I have plenty of extra Slack; I’ll send y’all some.

So sorry to hear! I wish him a speedy recovery. Do get some rest!

still prayin - and not just for him k.

Yikes! Hope he recovers quick and is back to his old self in no time. And I hope you get some rest and some support.

sry to hear about the news …

hope for the best and the support from US :wink:

Prayers and mojo coming your way.

Awwww you guys rock so much… doc says he can go home, but he also says there is a blockage they can’t get here so he is not out of the woods… I did sleep some but his cardiac doc makes his rounds early… like, 6 AM early… C’mon brain let’s see if you can function till midnight.

Going home is a very good sign. :slight_smile: I’ll keep you both in my thoughts.

Oh, good mojo, good mojo, good mojo.

Best Wishes for his speedy recovery!

I had a scare that turned out to be anxiety last November. I was lucky. Still, May the Drawing of the Endless Vials of Blood end soon.

My nurse looked like Allison Mack too. It was like the WB did a cross over between ‘Smallville’ & ‘The Vampire Diaries’… :smack:

I had a heart attack in 2000 while racing my bicycle up a steep, long hill. It was a minor heart attack. I was back to work in 3 days.

A “minor heart” attack is like being a “little pregnant”. It’s still a heart attack and a wake-up call.

Since the heart attack I’ve changed my diet a little and was put on cholesterol medications.

I’ve also done things like ride up that damned hill again (within 3 months); ride the bicycle over 4,000 miles a year; ridden over 200 miles in one day 4 different times; and done about 20 half marathons also. I wear a heart rate monitor when exercising and don’t let it get over 160 BPM which isn’t too bad anyway for a 59 YO.

My wife is a nurse and worries about me just a little. For example we had 14" of snow last week and she didn’t like me shoveling it. So I bought a snow blower mostly to keep her happy.

I suggest that you make sure that he eats right; takes all of his prescribed medications; maybe get him a heart rate monitor (the kind with a chest strap); and ensure that he gets plenty of low to medium intensity aerobic exercise.

And don’t worry so much. Just a little is fine.

Great news getting to go home! Prayers and good thoughts are with you both.

If my partner had a heart attack, I’d be calling off the next day or 3. Especially if you were stuck at the hospital so late yesterday. Take care of yourself.

Sending all kinds of good vibes to both of you.

Thanks again … you guys rock my socks off… He is home & I made it through my shift at work, I don’t qualify for FMLA or I probably would take some more time off. my job is super strict about attendance too :frowning: 2 more days though & I have a weekend, plus I can get a good night’s rest.

He’s going to be fine especially if he takes his meds; listens to his doctors; and maybe makes some diet and life changes.

Plus you need to take care of yourself! Addition to my little heart attack above: About a year before I had it, my wife needed 3 brain surgeries and was out of work for over 6 months. She ran out of vacation and sick days so I took up 3 part-time jobs in addition to my full time job to make ends meet. I was burning the candle at both ends. I often wonder if that added stress may have contributed to the heart attack?

Both the wife and I are find now and do half marathons together.

I wonder how much his was stress. We’re pretty broke right now, I’m working, & he has been looking for work, plus we’ve moved twice in the last year … including a cross country move.