As the Border Crisis Calms Down.....

As the border troubles of Colombia versus Venezuela and Ecuador are starting to calm down, President Bush (according to an AP news article) is taking this particular moment to see about having Venezuela designated as a nation that supports terrorism.

Is this really the right time for him to take such a step just as these troubles seem to be calming down? Won’t this just stir things up all over again?

Suprised it took him this long!

(Which, in case it’s not clear, is intended as an indictment of Bush, not Chavez.)

There appears to be some justification, if you assume the list is justified in the first place.

At least it would show some consistency.

Because paying a bunch of thugs with no ties to any government to kill people and blow stuff up ISN’T supporting terrorism.


Do I have to defend Chavez? Well, this is the straight dope after all.

The thing is, if it was true what the military thugs in Colombia are saying (And there are many things the Colombians are doing to suspect the democracy they have is controlled more and more by the military) there is really no good reason why the crisis seemed to end so quickly, the logical thing here is that the evidence has been twisted by the Colombians to say something it is not.

When OEA came with a condemnation to Colombia my feeling is that many leaders think the evidence against Chavez is poppycock, but unfortunately we have a president that is always ready to eat it with gusto.

Reading a report from a middle of the road paper from El Salvador I noticed classic cherry picking of quotes, leading me then to believe that Greg Palast is correct here:

Interesting. I will withold opinion until further information with one exception: the notion that the country with the largest oil reserves in the western hemisphere (6th largest in the world) “doesn’t have” $300 million dollars is preposterous.

Of course, however I do think the number does fit more logically with the number of hostages released. Or 300 items offered in exchange for the hostages.

I think though that Palast is coming from the angle that there is an opposition and the USA constantly looking for evidence for the amount of money used for the purpose Colombia is talking about, I do not think such an amount would be easy to hide in these circumstances and specially when Chavez much rather use it to get the economy going and not losing power.