"Ashes to Ashes:" David Bowie

This is a song on “Scary Monsters.”

Part of the song has some spoken lyrics beneath the part being sung, but I just don’t have a finely-enough tuned ear to pick them out.

Any suggestions on where I can find them.

(They ain’t included with the LP, either.)

If you’re talking about the middle section, where Bowie is singing “I’ve never done good things/I’ve never done bad things”, the spoken part is just repeating the singing part.


Righto–for the first time, but I think he’s saying something else (other than what he’s singing) the second time.

Great song. My fave by Mr. Jones.

How’s that for MPSIMS? :slight_smile:

Check out <http://www.teenagewildlife.com/> for lyrics to all Bowie’s songs.

Check out Bowie’s new album, Hours…fanfuckingtastic!!!

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