Looking for the name/singer of this song...

If anyone has seen “The Replacements” (it was just on HBO for those in the east coast) Its on at the end of the movie, and goes something like:

Any help would be appreciated.

David Bowie, Heroes.

Well that was fast, thanks tons Coldfire :slight_smile:

No problemo! I wish they were all this easy. :slight_smile:

Just for variety’s sake (it is the spice of life, you know), there’s another version done by The Wallflower’s. They had it on the Godzilla soundtrack a while back.

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So what do you know about this song?

12" Inch 3 Speed Oscillating Fan - Scott Young

[grumpy old man] I would have gotten the first one if I had been here [/grumpy old man]

You did the first one in a minute. The second one took three minutes. You’re slipping. :slight_smile:

Thanks Tommy the Cat, thats actually the version i was looking for :slight_smile:

Is there anything we can do to stop you listening to the Wallflowers version over the Bowie version? The Wallflowers version is SO bad. It’s lifeless and bland and awful. Bowie’s is so full of passion. Please reconsider. Please. If not for me then for the children.

I guess what i meant was that was the version i heard in the movie, after listening to them both i do like the Bowie one better.

And for what it’s worth, “Heroes” was used as part of the “Elephant Love Medley” from Moulin Rouge.

It’s fairly recent. It is a really upbeat happy tune that could almost be a theme song for some sitcom.

the words that I can figure out

WARNING I am really bad at doing this so this may be no help at all and only really good for a laugh.

something like

Take a look around pretty baby
something something some something
The wrong place, the wrong situation
The right time to ro-oooooll with me.
It is also the sort of tune that gets stuck in my head and plays mubled over and over and over untill I can only curl up into a fetal position and weep so if I could get a hold of this one it would make my life much better.

If I were a rock star, I would record a song where the lyrics actualy go, “Something something something something.”

But you’re not Bob Dylan!

“Roll To Me” by Del Amitri. I remember the video - all the performers were babies being strolled around by beautiful women.