Settle a stupid arguement about a live recording of David Bowie's "Heroes"

I had no idea where to put this. On one hand, it’s about asking for opinion, so I figured this was the best place for it.
On another, it’s about a song, so I can see it going into CS too.
And on another, it’s about such a small, mundine thing, it could, quite possibly, be put there too.

But anyway, settle an arguement for me.

Listen to the first 40 seconds of this video.
It’s a live (and more recent) performance of David Bowie singing his song “Heroes”.

My friend and I are arguing over it pretty heatedly.

I insist that the first lines he’s singing in that live version is actually taking and using the lyrics that the movie Moulin Rouge applied to that song.

He is insisting that, no, the first few lines were from the original song and that Moulin Rouge didn’t have ANY original songs in it.

I told him that, yes, I know…but they DID change some of the lyrics when they were singing the Elephant Love Medley. For example…the original Heroes song did NOT go “You…you will be mean…and I’ll…I’ll drink all the time.”
That version was specifically made to fit Ewan and Nicole’s characters in Moulin Rouge. It was not and is not a part of the original Heroes song.
Yet David Bowie (I think jokingly and also pretty awesomely) sings them here, in this live performance.
So…settle the arguement. Who is right? Is my friend right and those first few lines part of the original too? If so, I have certainly never heard a version where he sings them.

Or am I right and were they adapted soley from the movie and he’s singing them here simply because he’s so damn cool like that?

Those are lyrics from the original song. Those lyrics start midway through the song in the original version.

Ooops. Too late to edit. Those lines are the first lines of the second verse on the album version. The album version is really long and it looks like Bowie was singing a shortened version on the video clip.

Wow, thank you. So I’m wrong.
I never heard the album version, I guess. Never knew that that part was original. :slight_smile:

However, Moulin Rouge did have an original song in it - “Come What May”.

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